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Full Version: Crusader with a new gun
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A new piece I came up. I thought of putting him next to a crusader logo, but then I thought not.

[Image: silencershin.gif]
Looks great!
Thanks! I don't know what you guys think if I sticked him with this logo.

[Image: eco.gif]
Hehehehe, that's fantastic!

I think we might start putting that in all of our news updates.  Tongue
ohh Bboy, this is great. Awesome stuff mate! I bet it worth a news update!
hey fellers how it goes! Crusadermaniac Andrew Ardito Argentinian friend here Crusader Fan always too...and all games with a new fresh project on...TGC The Games Creator I found a pretty much nice graphical environmental on that application for a Crusader design to upload some photos sooner inside fan creations. I love it. Is great. Big Grin. I am working day by day and learning how to mod up HUDS and Entities remember?