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Full Version: Source art assets and design documents uploaded
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In celebration of the free promotion of No Remorse, I have uploaded 10GB of Crusader source art assets and design documents for unreleased games in the franchise. You can find the downloads in the Artifacts section of the website.

The ISO files located on the page contain art for the game boxes, advertisements, manuals, lore documents, t-shirt graphics, logo designs, and more.

Everything in the source art release is unmodified, so it may be a bit difficult to actually view and appreciate the work that went into the game art.

The design documents uploaded were previously on Echo Sector, but I have finally reuploaded them. They are documents for the unreleased games in the series: Crusader 2 / No Mercy / No Survivors / No Quarter. An intriguing thing learned from these documents is that Origin didn't know what to call the next game, or if they were making multiple games. The idea I take from these documents is Origin were trying to conceive of the best ways to keep the Crusader idea running after the departure of Tony Zurovec from the company.
Article: Source art assets and design documents uploaded
That's A LOT of stuff to go through...

Oh well....since I'm on vacation till the end of this week, I have some time to burn. Smile
Please message me if you can get reliable extracts from the ISOs. I've had to use SheepShaver and a particular version of QuarkXPress to compile a lot of the stuff. Most of the images work with IrfanView and a plugin, but a lot of it requires Photoshop or QuarkXPress.
I was even thinking about running a VM and creating a, sort of, "natural environment"...Do you have any idea which OS and/or program versions were used back then at Origin?
Mac OS System 7 and Photoshop 3/QuarkXPress 3.3.
OK, so VM is not an option... I totally forgot that Apple used Motorola and PowerPC CPUs (basically non-x86 architecture) in their computers in the mid-90's. There are some System 7 emulators out there, but I don't believe it will be sufficient. Maybe a VM with older Windows OS and then I can install QuarkXPress 3.3 and Photoshor 3.0...
Hmm, hey if needed I can get you guys remote access to the PowerMac (G5) I have sitting in my server closet. We've never done anything with it and it is in good shape.