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Keenan - we need to contact Jason Ely
04-05-2007, 01:13 AM, (This post was last modified: 04-05-2007, 02:01 AM by wild_qwerty.)
Re: Keenan - we need to contact Jason Ely
I've been having a dig around inside the AVI files to see what I can pick up from the files header, I've learnt this so far:

- The codec appears to be "vidsJYV1" following normal avi file types the four letters after the vids represent the codec name. So far I've found zero information on the this codec...

- It's an AVI RIFF file, so I used a program called tabriffdump.exe to dump the header information. The program seems to process the information correctly which is a good start

I've been searching around for RIFF AVI files for 1995 but havent found much yet, I'm starting to think that it's a customised codec that origin made, but at least some of it follows the normal avi layout eg: the sound will play but not the video, I figure that this means the avi audio streams are the same structure as other avi files, but the video streams are slightly different, this means it may be possible to 'edit' or hack a normal codec to play the files. Anyone know a good programer? Oh well I'l see if the guy who made the tabriffdump knows how to convert these files.


Well I can now confirm that the codec used in Crusader is a RIFF packaged AVI
Video codec is a FourCC Code of 'JYV1'
Audio codec is a PCM

So the good news is that we know what the codec is now, thebad news is I cant get one hit on google for a fourCC code of JYV1

[Image: fourccju3.png]

There's some more information about FourCC codecs here:
[Image: signiturema1.jpg]
04-05-2007, 02:45 AM,
Re: Keenan - we need to contact Jason Ely
From what I recall in an old e-mail I sent someone (Jason?), Crusader used a very unique codec... this is probably why you didn't have any results on Google.
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04-05-2007, 05:02 AM,
Re: Keenan - we need to contact Jason Ely
I've managed to find out about another codec that Origin has made, and sure enough this one is on the CD, there is also a XANDRV32.DLL on the Regret nd both regret and remorse have this file "ASYLUM.DLL"

I'm going to look into the possibilty that one of these files is the codec or I've heard that quite often one codec is campaible of playing another.

Has anyone used the XANMOVIE.EXE on the regret CD to try and play the other movies rather than just the preview ones? I have got Win9x so it wont run up for me

XXAN - Origin - Codec useing Huffman and RLE encoding paired with basic interframing. This format is used in Wing Commander 3 and 4 movies.
The codec filename is xanlib.dll and a player, xanmovie, is available on the the Kilrathi Saga and Crusader game CDs.
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04-05-2007, 05:46 AM,
Re: Keenan - we need to contact Jason Ely
yes? it plays movies from no regret. However it doesn't play any movie from no remorse. We asked Jason Ely (he was the leading programmer after all) he said that no remorse used something different for the codec. Very rare and Origin created codec.

Asylum.dll is written by Jason Ely, this is library to play music and sounds as far as I remember.
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05-17-2007, 09:11 PM,
Re: Keenan - we need to contact Jason Ely
(01-15-2007, 10:02 PM)Jely link Wrote: Hello all.  I am around. I have been very busy with my next MMO project. (And yes I've had thoughts for a Crusader themed MMO for a number of years).

I have a multiplayer version that was created under Watcom DOS compiler and used Dos4Gw. It would be rather simple to convert to WinXp in DirectX. I'm sure the project would take a number of months to complete. I have started the conversion a few times and then something in real life always pulled me away.

We had simple 4 player (doom style) combat. You could run around with different colored silencers (8 different colors I believe) and shoot each other. The character motion was much different. In Crusader the series the creatures all walked pixel perfect. In this one the creatures skated some. This was to give a more interesting control when in the heat of battle. It needed some work of course.

The game has a built in world editor. I'm sure I could make it work in XP using No Remorse or No Regret assets. So you would have to own a copy of the game to play it... For legal reasons. Smile

Is there any update on how this is going? I mean I've love to be able to play this in XP along with a few of my friends Smile
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07-10-2008, 02:28 PM,
Re: Keenan - we need to contact Jason Ely
I know this is cheeky seeing as I've been a member of this forum for about 15 hours now but all of a sudden i feel like a kid again and Crusader is my life!!!!!
I'm studying to be a professional musician at university and I'm currently on summer holiday. Up until now I've been doing well getting in at least a bit of practice on the guitar each day but Crusader has taken over things for now and i'm determined to kick start things on this forum again as it seems there hasn't been any major discussion in a while and i was wondering if anyone has had any information on this threads situation at all???
Has Jason Ely been in contact with anyone recently? I remember mailing him years ago and waiting a good year or 2 for a reply which i can understand as he must be very busy but If anyone has solid contact with him could they try and find out what is going on???

Thanks  Smile
07-10-2008, 05:25 PM,
Re: Keenan - we need to contact Jason Ely
I haven't talked to Jason in a long time now. I just felt I was annoying him too much, so it's been awhile. I'll try to get in contact soon and get an update.
"First let me say welcome to the Resistance, Captain."
09-01-2008, 01:14 AM,
Re: Keenan - we need to contact Jason Ely
Yes, it would be good to get an update on that build of crusader...
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