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The Eternal Champion
05-15-2007, 11:46 AM,
Re: The Eternal Champion
Ya that's the one!!!
"Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils." - Hector Berlioz
05-18-2007, 07:05 AM,
Re: The Eternal Champion
The Eternal Champion: BattleTech

One of the smallest and, in theory, weakest of the Clans is Blood Spirit.  Insular and withdrawn from Clan society, they nonetheless have terrifyingly stringent training requirements.  Their small fighting force is among the elite of the Clans, and while they lag behind many of the other Clans technologically, they do have one advantage...

As a young BattleMech cadet, Spencer Cochraine was very washed out after a training accident with a Jenner IIc resulted in the destruction of the 'Mech and his own near death.  An investigation cleared him, when it revealed that his actions probably saved the lives of the trainer and his classmates.  Rather than being returned to training, however, Cochraine's obvious skills had him transferred to a new division.

After Clan Smoke Jaguar's obliteration, the few surviving Clan members, materiel, and technology passed to the other clans through Trials of Possession...and the ProtoMech, a bridge between armored infantry and BattleMechs, was largely gained by Clan Blood Spirit.  Though others scavenged a few of the new designs, only Blood Spirit pursued research and development into it with a vengeance.

Cochraine's abilities led his superiors to believe he had precisely the sort of temperament needed for the further testing and development of ProtoMechs, and indeed, he excelled, and along with two others became the foremost in their test group.  Yet the three became so by going almost violently against tradition.  Whereas even as late as 3067 the Clans were still clinging to their preference of fighting one to one, Cochraine and his two friends were playing dirty, ganging up and otherwise fighting "dishonorably".

Ordered to stop, they don't.  Threatened with a loss of rank, warrior's status, and other privileges, they return that if they are punished for not being stupid, that says more about their commanders than them.  Finally, they are detained.

Or at least, detention is attempted.

The three of them prove far more dangerous than anticipated, and it is realized that when they called their tactics in training "playing" dirty, they meant playing.  Cutting loose, the three soldiers manage to escape and commandeer a trio of ProtoMechs, but are caught by a Vulture heavy BattleMech.  Cochraine's friends die, but superior tactics allow him to severely damage the Vulture to the point where its pilot is easily executed by him.

From there, he hijacks a small Dropship, then a JumpShip, and heads towards the Inner Sphere...

(If you had trouble following this version, check out the BattleTech Wiki for more info on BattleTech.)

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