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What makes a Silencer?
02-10-2007, 07:09 PM,
Re: What makes a Silencer?
(07-22-2006, 05:49 AM)Shadowen link Wrote: Soldiers die for their cause.  Silencers kill for theirs.
Uhhh, no.

At least, that was never the case when I played an infantry NCO of a recon troop in real life.

This whole "kill for a cause", "die for a cause" is a distraction.

"You don't win war by dying for your country. You win, by making that other bastard die for his" - GFM. Erwin Rommel [often mis attributed to Gen. Patton].

The job of the soldier is to bring about calculated violence to force his opponent to become "agreeable" with whatever terms set out by  his political masters/military leadership.

In a nut shell.

All else, is window dressing.
Individuals have the right to do anything that doesn't interfere with the equal rights of other individuals - even if what they do is not right.<br /><br />This is the very essence of &quot;liberty&quot;.
02-18-2007, 11:36 PM,
Re: What makes a Silencer?
Due respect to your service--I certainly couldn't even pass basic training, let alone be expected to perform in real combat.  However, a certain amount of casualties is, from the point of view of commanders, expected and even acceptable in some cases.  If everyone gets out alive and the job gets done, all to the good and let's have a party.  Getting out alive and the job getting done is, as I understand it, bare minimum for Silencers.  "Target of opportunity" is the key phrase, in this case. 

Deaths in training are horrid accidents in the US military; most of the Silencers' casualties probably occur in training so they don't occur in missions--the classic bad-guy "weeding out the weak and unfit" training method. 

Of course, we're talking about fictional characters, so really, it's all just words and other nonsense.
02-19-2007, 12:46 AM,
Re: What makes a Silencer?
Like in Starship Troopers.
"First let me say welcome to the Resistance, Captain."
04-12-2007, 04:59 AM,
Re: What makes a Silencer?
Physically, Silencers are very similar.  Even without the armor.

In the unlikely event that a non-Silencer sees one of the Corps without his armor or helmet, the Silencer will have a few traits that are common to all of his or brethren.  His skin will be pale (if he would normally be very dark, there will be a sort of discoloration, as if he has not seen enough sun), his hair will be stark white, and his eyes will be very dark, often black.  Generally their hair is cut military-short, or shorn completely.  Whether this is purely a cosmetic change or an irreversible side effect of the gene therapy Silencers go through is not known.
10-14-2009, 04:01 AM,
Re: What makes a Silencer?
:mask: it is the mind of a Silencer that really makes him good not the GE or physical training, you can see that in the video the Captain was expecting anything...cautious while Zurovec and Vittek  were just arguing
04-12-2014, 09:36 AM,
RE: What makes a Silencer?
Time to dust of some old topics to try to bring life back to this forum.

According to Crusader lore Silencer's are humans identified in their adolescent years (years 12-18). How they are identified is not told, but I think it has to do with fitting a certain profile of physical and mental toughness as well as loyalty to the WEC. Silencer's are then removed from society and are trained rigorously in virtually every form of combat, stealth, interrogation etc, basically transforming them into a one-man army. They are probably also psychology conditioned to ensure ultimate loyalty, a point that does fail from time to time.

We have a trio of Silencers disobeying an order to kill civilians and they reference someone named Owens in the intro cinematic, probably another Silencer who didn't carry out an order and was silenced for it.

The Hoffman storyline suggests at some point Silencers are genetically engineered. There is no concrete proof of this and it's unsure whether or not previous generations of Silencers were genetically engineered also. In contradicts the lore but of course the WEC would not want the general population to know they grow Silencers in vats and thus came up with that story.

I like to believe the first Silencers were actually created the way the manual states. Perhaps the very first Corps was recruited from the elite forces of the Military (Enforcers?) and later the WEC realized they could make even better soldiers if they trained them from puberty on. The reason to wait for adolescent years is that by then you can make out who's physical fit rather than select toddlers on the basis of genetic make-up.

I do think the WEC will always be worried, borderline paranoid, about traitors, especially in the Silencer Corps, so genetical engineering makes sense at some point.

Now, what makes a Silencer? Even if they are genetical engineered, I think it's their training and psychological conditioning that turns them into the ultimate killing machines. Genetical engineering augments this. But Silencers remain human, after all. Vittek and Zurovec became so caught up in their arguing that they didn't notice a Vetron sneaking up on them while the Captain remained cautious of his surroundings and managed to dodge the bullets. Possibly this was another reason to start engineering Silencer, make them even more perfect.

Was the Captain engineered? No evidence is found. We don't know if Hoffman just started the project. Of course there are hints that the Captain was a project of Hoffman. In mission 2 he states "The prodigal son returns home, is that it?" which could refer to one of his subjects returning. But it could easily as well simply mean the traitor returns to the WEC in general. Then there's the remark in the mission you kill him. "All without your fatal flaw". It could mean that the Captain was a subject in an earlier batch which was obviously flawed. But it could also mean the "normal" Silencer were a liability because their loyalty wasn't absolute and genetical engineering was going to fix it.

There's a nice little reference in No Regret to this when Denning first asks if the Captain might be an android or genetical engineered.

In short there is no proof if the Captain himself was genetical engineered and whether the current generation of Silencer in general was. But in the end that doesn't matter as I think the biggest impact on what makes a Silencer is the training (both physically and mentally) and brainwashing.
I guess what they say is true. Send a Silencer in and the job gets done.
04-12-2014, 07:38 PM, (This post was last modified: 04-12-2014, 09:43 PM by JC Denton.)
RE: What makes a Silencer?
I think you just said absolutely everything that I ever speculated on and about The Silencer. Smile

I always thought that Captain, Vittek and Zurovec are all "the 1st gen Silencers" as they actually showed genuine human emotions and that they're still thinking for themselves (as seen in the intro). Also, they showed that even the Silencer can get "sloppy" (not noticing a mech coming) and panic/anxiety (Vittek was freaking out while Zurovec was trying to calm him down). I believe that that's what Hoffman was trying to "perfect" - remove any possibility of Silencer "going human". In my opinion, Hoffman was trying to create a Terminator-like soldier.

It's not hard to believe that all Silencers are created by cloning/genetic engineering as we saw and destroyed all those giant test tubes with live subjects during a mission when Hoffman finally gets a bullet.

I never really heard they reference any "Owens" during the intro sequence but that is likely because English is not my first language and as soon as subtitles appear, I tend to pay more attention to them than to what is actually being spoken (as I assume that subs are a mere transcription of what is being said, and in Crusader series that's not the case). Also, the first time I saw this intro was back in '95 and I was 11 then (and my English sucked back then, obviously Smile ) and I never really bothered to pay too much attention to the intro in the last few years (most of the time I just skip it).
04-13-2014, 12:10 PM,
RE: What makes a Silencer?
Vittek says something like "We can't go back, you heard what happened to Owens" or something like that. I'll have to rewatch the cinematic for the exact wording.
I guess what they say is true. Send a Silencer in and the job gets done.

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