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Crusader costumes recovered
04-13-2013, 11:46 PM,
Crusader costumes recovered
Pix, curator of the Origin Adventures site, has obtained several pieces of apparel which appeared in Crusader full-motion video cutscenes.

The first one is a Resistance member jacket that was worn either by Gabe Folse (Tax Man) or Taylor Gibbler (Wizard).

[gallery ids="257,260,262,263,264,265"]

The second is a helmet that appears in No Regret. It was worn by one of the LMC guards in the cutscenes with Woody Skaggs (Draygan) and Mary Chris Wall (Judith Leach)

[gallery columns="2" ids="259,270,271,272"]

I'm glad to see these Crusader artifacts in the hands of Pix who handles even the most questionably good Origin relics with utmost care.
Article: Crusader costumes recovered

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