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Crusader No Regret Series Andrew Sega Tribute.
05-20-2013, 07:18 AM,
Crusader No Regret Series Andrew Sega Tribute.

That links contains the video I found a cd with music dubbed from 1996 I recorded with a friend in Ciudadela a town in Buenos Aires. Argentina. That cd contained these tracks I uploaded them in a video dedicated also to my highschool friends male and female partners. Also I had Descent 2 Tracks on another cd, Terminal velocity and Time Commando. I saved them in a shoes box. Ordering my bedroom I found them, really cool isn't it?SmileBig GrinShy Enjoy them. 3 Tracks from Crusader are Regret.AMF, Phil.AMF and NINTH.AMF 3 of my favourite. 2 From Andrew Gregory Sega.

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