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    Crusader wiki

    Recently I became admin of the wiki, which means that the wiki is now officially dedicated to the Crusader games. I totally redesigned the front page, unfinished as of this writing. I also added links to the Echo Sector, the twitter feed, and also included an RSS feed from your site. Of...
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    No Remorse demo

    I downloaded the NR demo from the library, unzipped and mounted it to dosbox and started playing. No movies, no sound, no ability to save. I decided to mount it as a CD rom, so I installed it to a directory and started playing. Videos yes, sound yes, but the graphics were crippled. There was...
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    Crusader wiki

    So far I completed feeding every information I could find from the No Remorse manuals, newsletter and hintbook. There is no information from the games themselves. But you seem to have more erudite knowledge on the universe than what appears in those sources, so you can interpret information more...
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    Crusader wiki

    Hi to all :angel: I have been familiar with the Crusader games, although I've never cared much about the backstory and stuff so far. Then I became more curious and I have been visiting this site for some time, but the section has been empty. I came to report...
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