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  1. Therion

    Echo Sector update

    The style is great, I was just a lil' suprised when I first visited the site since many months. Thought that place was gone or so... great update. ;)
  2. Therion

    Random Fan Art

    I like them a lot too, especially the last one fits the original style best I think.
  3. Therion

    File formats for crusader levels

    How are you managing the sprite properties, I take it you dont use the `Typeflags` - so you respecifying? Well I guess simple wont hurt, I'd expect that collisions works all the same - in an isometric game it cant be that hard...
  4. Therion

    File formats for crusader levels

    Hmm yeah probably, the original devs would have had such an resource for sure. But its not that hard, for the aprox. 1450 sprites there are most of them are identifiable, like Explosions, Civilians, Weapons, Solider, Platforms (mechs) etc. You just have to name them then, and let those out...
  5. Therion

    File formats for crusader levels

    Yes that's a good question, I've also already thought about that - however the obvious thing is that there is no official source for these shapes? I dont know of any - if you know then it would be possible to tie this one to the shapes, otherwise all that's left is naming the shapes on your on...
  6. Therion

    File formats for crusader levels

    Hi What have you tried so far? As known, Crusader uses a modified U8 engine. The original formats are explained here: Also the Pentagram Team has done an reimplementation of U8 as well as partial work for Crusader...
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