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    Andrew Sega interview

    The channel owner also promised an interview with Alexander Brandon! Can't wait!
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    Random Fan Art

    Wow! Beautiful work!
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    Cpl. Troy "The Wizard" Reeves

    Yeah, a short interview would be cool. As far as I understand, No Remorse is among his first acting gigs. I haven't seen Sicario, but judging by the IMDB score and the fact that it was nominated for 3 Oscars, I'm definitely gonna watch it - tonight, actually. :) EDIT: Seen Sicario -...
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    Cpl. Troy "The Wizard" Reeves

    Well, after a bit more research, I finally found the actor who played "The Wizard"! :) His name is Taylor Sheridan and here's his IMDB page: I found him completely by coincidence as I googled "taylor gibler actor" and in search results there was this guy...
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    No Vindication Development - 6/8

    RE: No Vindication Development Blog So "No Vindication" project IS alive...sort of... :)
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    Taylor Gibbler maybe? (The Wizard)

    I was googling this actor left and right and couldn't find any info about him. All of a sudden, I dug out this photo of a guy that looks like our beloved Cpl. Troy Reeves. The name, hair, eyebrows, lips, ears...if I had to guess, I...
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    DF Retro: Crusader - No Remorse

    Digital Foundry did a video on Origin and Crusader - No Remorse! :) Check it out:
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    Rebel 1 Recreation (Piano + Bass)

    WOW! So nice! One of my favorite melodies from Crusader series got a "remix" :) I love it, man! :)
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    CNV Development Feedback

    I'm always interested to help however I can. You can post progress results either here or your channel and I'll be happy to comment. :D
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    CNV Development Feedback

    Hey man, :) I like the idea of smooth scrolling. This looks pretty good, although I would "zoom it in" a bit to make things bigger. BTW, in one interview, Tony Zurovec explained the reason behind "snapping camera". It was necessary since there was no way to achieve smooth scrolling with SVGA...
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    CNV Development Blog (9/6)

    RE: CNV Development Blog (8/16) Good approach, maybe the only possible when you have a regular full-time job. :)
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    CNV Development Blog (9/6)

    RE: Development Blog Hey man! :) Nice to see there's still progress in all this and you're doing a fine job.
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    Soundtracks updated

    To this day, I still like to listen to Crusader soundtrack. That's probably nostalgia kickin' in, but music from games like Crusader, Unreal, Deus Ex,...brings all kinds of emotions and memories.
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    Crusader - game and level design :)

    Yeah, I'm starting to think that myself :D
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    Crusader - game and level design :)

    Hey guys! J This place has been so quiet for so long, so I felt the need to write something. So, I was playing No Remorse (again) last week and I realized how I never thought about the environments that I’ve been fighting in. If you think about it, in both No Remorse and No Regret, all those...
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    Happy New Year !!!

    oh, man! I almost missed this incredible art! Fantastic find, Jassi16! :)
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    Happy New Year !!!

    v2016!! :)
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    No Remorse turns 20

    I could just copy-paste your last two paragraphs for my reply, as I agree with everything you said (the difference being I was 11 back in '95.) :) Sometimes I wish EA does a reboot of this franchise, but maybe it's for the best that Crusader is left alone. It made it's impact on the gaming...
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    Movies section added

    Very nice feature for everyone with nostalgic urges. :) BTW, does anyone know what's Taylor Gibbler (The Wizard) doing these days? Judging by his IMDB profile, he is not a professional actor...
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    Source art assets and design documents uploaded

    OK, so VM is not an option... I totally forgot that Apple used Motorola and PowerPC CPUs (basically non-x86 architecture) in their computers in the mid-90's. There are some System 7 emulators out there, but I don't believe it will be sufficient. Maybe a VM with older Windows OS and then I can...
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