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  1. Keenan

    Random Fan Art

    Just awesome. I love these.
  2. Keenan

    Crusader Font

    Here you go. I found this a long time ago. I'm unsure if it's the actual font, but it's really close.
  3. Keenan

    Andrew Sega interview

    Crusader composer Andrew Sega was recently interviewed on YouTube show Composers Play. He outlines his music history, the production of MOD music, and Origin Systems. It is exciting to see new content like this created about Crusader!
  4. Keenan

    Echo Sector update

    The forum software has been swapped from MyBB to XenForo. Nothing should be out of place as it was a smooth transition, but please let me know if there are any issues. I’m eager to get our community going again! I’ve been neglecting the site for a long while but I’m seriously looking into...
  5. Keenan

    Cpl. Troy "The Wizard" Reeves

    Excellent research! Interesting that he wrote Sicario. Maybe I should reach out to see what he has to say about Crusader.
  6. Keenan

    Some Custom GoldenEye 64 Music

    Nice work! Not a huge fan of the N64 sound but I super dig GoldenEye's.
  7. Keenan

    "Stasis No Remorse" illustration

    That is awesome! I missed out on backing Beautiful Desolation, but I at least have their other games.
  8. Keenan

    Taylor Gibbler maybe? (The Wizard)

    Could be! He has a LinkedIn page. Might be worth checking up on him.
  9. Keenan

    DF Retro looks at Origin Systems and Crusader

    The YouTube channel <a href="">Digital Foundry</a> has focused in on Crusader and Origin Systems in its latest "Retro" video series entry. From the description: <blockquote>This week John explores one of the most important developers in PC...
  10. Keenan

    DF Retro: Crusader - No Remorse

    Watched it a bit earlier. Pretty good! I'll make a post about it.
  11. Keenan

    Universe wiki?

    Howdy. What do you all think if I set the "Universe" section of the site to be a wiki installation? I was thinking we could host directly on this website.
  12. Keenan

    Soundtracks updated

    At one point I believed the <a href="">Music</a> section was complete. Lo and behold, my tagging wasn't entirely correct, so I've uploaded all new versions of both soundtracks, in all formats. The notable changes include changing Basehead's composition to his...
  13. Keenan

    Maps / Map from screenshots?

    Personally, I'd use Google Photos with original file upload enabled. If someone were to run through the game to get the screens, my guess is they'd have to enable the hack mover (Type jassica16 then press H) and manually delete everything that they wouldn't want in the capture.
  14. Keenan

    Forum funkery

    Yeah, I know the forum's messed up. There were some issues at one point with an upgrade and I never got around to solving it. As of right now, I'm waiting for the impending release of MyBB 2.0. Hopefully it won't take too long!
  15. Keenan

    Maps / Map from screenshots?

    The "Artifacts" section of the website has the strategy guides recompiled from the source design files. For the No Regret one, however, there is a portion of the book that had to be taken from a scanned version as we couldn't get it to compile correctly. Also it's only in black-and-white. It...
  16. Keenan

    Happy New Year !!!

    Happy New Year! That art is very nice.
  17. Keenan

    No Remorse turns 20

    <a href=""><img class="aligncenter wp-image-513 size-large" src="" alt="" width="640" height="759" /></a> This month, we celebrate the...
  18. Keenan

    Movies section added

    The <a href="">Movies</a> section of Echo Sector has finally been put online. Here you can view every cutscene from <em>No Remorse</em>, and soon <em>No Regret</em>. I have also added the subtitles that are displayed when you enable it from game—bear in mind, it...
  19. Keenan

    Podcast discusses Crusader

    Episode 73 of the <a href="">Upper Memory Block podcast</a> focuses on <em>Crusader</em>. Host Joe Mastroianni gives an overview of the games: the story backdrop, gameplay, music, and a history of the development process. Overall, it's a great introduction to the games and...
  20. Keenan

    Demo/Sample Videos

    Fucking nice!
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