Level layouts: Level 1


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Oct 2, 2007
For your reference and viewing pleasure, here's a thread for my panorama screenshots from the original game showing the original level geometry.

Kicking off the thread with my newly stitched layout for the first level. Don't look closely, it's got horrendous stitching errors, particularly in front of Cargo Bay 3.

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If anyone can be bothered, what I'd be most interested in is a version of the above picture with entity interactions drawn on it. So all interactive stuff (elevators, switches, doors, locks, keypads, consoles, you name it) circled and connected (which switch operates which door and so on). What this would be is a kind of an ultimate plan for how the map is going to work. With such a plan, the mapper(s) don't have to constantly jump between Hammer and Crusader to refresh their memory of where and how everything is supposed to be (this reduces both mapping fatigue and likelihood of mistakes).

Here is a link to a bigger image of the first level, so you can see it in detail:


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Nov 5, 2007
Re: Level layouts

To help out with the game on XP I found it on <edited> as long as it is not availible on Good old Games

To get it working you need
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Its pretty simple. Create a folder on you harddrive for example "DOS"
Unzip the game in a folder for example "regret"
Install the dosbox
Start the dosbox and type

mount c c:\dos
cd regret

and the game is running in a window. Now all you need is play it through and make some screens and put it together.
This would be pretty helpful.
I hope the cheat codes work there too
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Sep 24, 2005
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Re: Level layouts

Sorry, warez links are not allowed here.


There's my guide to DOSBox.
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