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Apr 14, 2013
Hi everyone I think you remember me from 2007. I am back again for more creative works I do with my guitar. I have news the enterprise called Interplay is back check this out!!!
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:D Amazing 2 of my favourite I would :heart: to have again on new sequels. Crusader Series obviously and Descent Series back again. Do you remember Descent 2 that freaking spaceship deadly killing robots inside mines. Were my both classic since 1995 and 1996 remember? the story so far Keenan Weaver? I was on highschool I was 11 years old and I came back home and the pc was there awaiting me with the games installed lists of Classics: Descent I, Crusader No Regret and Magic Carpet. Also on the harddrive were Jazz Jack Rabbit and other games such as Time Commando and Terminal Velocity. I became a huge follower of Descent I to 3 also Descent Freespace 1 and 2. I am at the bridge to try Descent 3 Mercenary. Also Crusader Series. I never played Wing Commander cos I spinned off. But I develop a huge interest with Crusader series. I am on hold with my MUGEN project but I saved it in a DVD. I am working with FPS Creator and other tools. Also producing inside
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many videos of games and classic games reproduced with my guitar and midi paths. I have actually a Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2 sound card installed on PCI and rocks amazing. I hope you enjoy my videos check my blog inside youtube I am Andrés Ardito. From Argentina. Bye :D:):blush:


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