No Regret Mission 5: unreachable containers

The Silencer

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Nov 13, 2005
Echo Sector

See these containers on mission 5, second level. It's near the end of the level, the room before the regular elevator (not the secret one). How do I get up to those boxes? I tore the map apart looking for a switch that maybe activates a telepad or something.
And another thing, when entering the prison complex it self there's a room with two floor safes.
Where do I get the passcode for the safe? I know I can just use a datapick, but the game never forces you to use a datapick anywhere. There's always an alternative way to beat keyreaders or keypadds when you don't have the combination (either data link messages, monitors that bypass them etc).
EDIT: never mind the second screenshot below, it's been too long since I played. Around the corner is the number 132 on the wall that's used for this safe. I should have known since this level is known for reading numbers on the walls.

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