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  1. Keenan

    Crusader 2 PSX Pre-Pre Alpha recovered and released

    It's a wonderful day for Crusader history, as I am proud to announce the recovery and preservation of a pre-pre-alpha build of Crusader 2 for the Sony Playstation. It has been uploaded online for all to enjoy. Download from Following the departure of Tony Zurovec from Origin...
  2. Keenan

    Talk about reverse engineering

    Thank you for the shout-out! Really appreciated. Very interesting talk. Hoping to hear @Jely's thoughts.
  3. Keenan

    Talk about reverse engineering

    Looks like the talk video is up!
  4. Keenan

    Talk about reverse engineering

    That's awesome. Thank you! Looking forward to watching it.
  5. Keenan

    Universal keypad code

    It may be time to start speedrunning Crusader!
  6. Keenan

    What is this gun?

    Yeah, definitely looks like variation on the thresher cannon that never made it into the game.
  7. Keenan

    No Regret No Regret: Mission 3 - Where to find this keycard?

    Should be fixed now. It will show up when you edit the thread or post a new one.
  8. Keenan

    Crusader: No Regret map info

    That's Tony Zurovec from the group photo took during the development of No Regret. I don't believe we've ever seen him cropped out like that in the game before. I was attempting to compile the code on Arch but was having problems. Haven't dug into it deeper, but I'd like to get it working, so I...
  9. Keenan

    No Regret Secret telepad mission 2

    Thanks for the eight-year followup!
  10. Keenan

    Unknown secret in level 4?

    Brand new to me. I might boot the game up and use the hack mover to see the behavior.
  11. Keenan

    How could Crusader be "modernized"?

    Didn't get it quite yet. Can you try sending it to
  12. Keenan

    How could Crusader be "modernized"?

    That's awesome. Please do send me them.
  13. Keenan

    My try for a "sane" 720p intro upscale

    Yes they are! Thanks again for those.
  14. Keenan

    My try for a "sane" 720p intro upscale

    Agreed. We have the deinterlaced movies on the site here: Maybe try them out and see how it turns out! The intro is T02.avi.
  15. Keenan

    How could Crusader be "modernized"?

    Nice! I'm looking forward to it. Not a lot of Crusader fan projects have come to fruition, but those were in the old days before engines like Unity were around.
  16. Keenan

    Zombie's Skunkworks - Let's have some fun :)

    Oh dear.
  17. Keenan

    How could Crusader be "modernized"?

    Lots of different directions this could go, but my general attitude would be to modernize, but remain faithful to the original feel of the game. Identifying what those traits are is weirdly difficult, at least for me. I've thought about this a lot over the years. It'd take a very specific...
  18. Keenan

    My try for a "sane" 720p intro upscale

    Looks outstanding! I didn't notice any of the infamous smearing with upscaling. Good work!
  19. Keenan

    Trying to make a master list of easter eggs and secrets

    I'd be glad to add a page to Echo Sector with all the findings. It seems like the best place on the internet for it.