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  1. Cyberion

    hello from Cyberion

    Hey guys! Just stopped by to say hello to everyone. Long time no see. Just so you know I visit the portal from time to time as a guest and keep echosector domain active for Keenan, so no worries here. Just was very, very busy with my real life. Anyway since I have my second high education...
  2. Cyberion

    Crusader Action figure

    Some news update here folks! I was browsing around internet and found out a very interesting thing. Custom made Action Figure of the Silencer!!! Check it out on the image below. The figure was done by flickr's member named vavrajj. Here is some info about this figure: I must say that this...
  3. Cyberion

    Unreleased Crusader 3: No Escape

    I do not know why, but until now, I never noticed a small spoiler inside official Crusader 2 plot document. The name of Crusader 3 was announced. No Escape... ohhh boy, shame on me. You can check it out yourself -
  4. Cyberion

    Old project - new perspective?

    Hey everybody! In case that you didn't hear already - Valve released Alien Swarm game on 19th of July. Isometric style, fully 3D Source engine based game. It comes fully equiped with the source code, tile level editor and SDK. Means - all the tools that the real fan of Crusader is in need of. ...
  5. Cyberion

    Cyberion's model package 1

    Well guys, here are the models which I've modeled already, but didn't have time to upload. Now I fix this and here goes the model package of the models, which I already made. Those are: 1. Multiple section...
  6. Cyberion

    Remote Console

    Ok, finally found some time for small modeling. Here goes the finished version of remote console. The *.lwo file for Aby could be downloaded here - Remote Console Poly Count = 85 Triple Polies = 166 Status =...
  7. Cyberion

    Recent Downtime

    Dear Visitors! For the past few days our website was down, due to some file corruption. 2 main files "index.php" and "SSI.php" were damaged. Actualy some code was removed from them, thus we were getting parser error and were unable to log in to the website. However I've fixed this problem now...
  8. Cyberion

    where is everyone?

    ehhh guys? I was ill for quite a big, but hopefully recovered. Poped on the website and I see nothing  >( I mean there is no progress no posts and no updates on the project. Did I miss anything?
  9. Cyberion

    HL2:Regret Logo

    Here is the logo file, which will be used as watermark on our public screenshots as well as promo logo of our mod. This logo is using our website's style and... ohh well... copied directly from it. *.PSD file is password protected. The password is my password for Jupix's repository. It is done...
  10. Cyberion

    Pipe Controller (no valve)

    Reference image: Pipe Controller (no valve) Poly Count = 762 Triple Polies = 1596 Status = Complete Note: valve should be added from half-life entity.
  11. Cyberion

    Equipment Crate

    Reference image: Equipment Crate Poly Count = 249 Triple Polies = 446 Status = Complete
  12. Cyberion

    Small Crate (multiple colors)

    Reference image: Small Crate (multiple colors) Poly Count = 260 Triple Polies = 620 Status = Complete
  13. Cyberion


    Reference Image: I modeled the locker in idea so it can be opened. Which means that the door is seperate image and can be tuned as needed so locker could be opened. Locker Poly Count = 116 Triple Polies = 302 Status = Complete Closed locker Opened Locker:
  14. Cyberion

    Project Development Roadmap

    Project Development Roadmap This topic is intended to lay out the structure of the work we are doing. It lists the primary and secondary goals to help us organise the whole process of development. As the stages are completed they will be highlighted in green color. Thus we and our visitors can...
  15. Cyberion

    List of needed Characters

    THE LIST OF NEEDED CHARACTERS - LEVEL 1 FORMAT: [model name] - [modeler] [status] - [link] [image] LEGEND: Complete - the model is done. WIP - work in progress. No modeler - noone is modeling this model. [hr] PART 1 [hr] Silencer/Crusader - what can I say, this model has to be...
  16. Cyberion

    List of needed weapons

    THE LIST OF NEEDED WEAPONS - Projectile and Energy FORMAT: [model name] - [modeler] [status] - [link] [image] The Legend: Complete - the model is done. WIP - work in progress. No modeler - noone is modeling this model. To be updated with images and direct links on a later stage. General...
  17. Cyberion

    Multiple Sections Crate

    This model as seen on a reference image is almost done. Later on I'll add some images to show you. As I'm working during launch brake at work due to absense of my PC at home the progress is not that fast, but steady :P. Multiple Sections Crate Poly Count = 156 Triple Polies = 300 Status =...
  18. Cyberion

    Small Barrel (multiple colors)

    OK guys, here is Small Barrel model as seen in those reference images: Small Barrel (multiple colors) Poly Count = 636 Triple Polies = 1296 Status = Complete
  19. Cyberion

    List of needed models - Level 1

    THE LIST OF NEEDED MODELS - LEVEL 1 Here are published the reference images of needed models. The posting is using the following format for publishes and legend: [model name] - [modeler] [status] - [link] [image] The Legend: Complete - the model is done. WIP - work in progress. No modeler...
  20. Cyberion

    Some changes

    well after short talks we have decided to reorginise everything here and abandon the project... joke :P Now serious. So when you visit the forum you might be surprised by the number of new topics. Do not be happy as the topics are created for you to work on them :P hehehehe We should be more...