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  1. The Silencer

    Talk about reverse engineering

    Very interesting presentation. I won't act like I fully understood you but with my basic information science knowledge I was able to follow you to a certain degree. If I'd dare a guess, I'd say I detected a slight Dutch accent in your voice. In that case, Dutchies unite!
  2. The Silencer

    No Regret Secret room M10, level 4

    I found it! IN the room just before is an energy recharge station. There is a hidden flip switch at the north wall covered by some decals. It opens a door to that area. The juicer removes the energy field. The station takes control of the Solartron in the next room.
  3. The Silencer

    No Regret Mission 6: secret telepad

    Yes, it's in the part where the actual ore separator is. You first need to trigger a switch or keypad on the upper level in sight of the separator conveyor. It opens a door with a vending machine behind it, making you think "why is that?". Then walk south of the seperator to the area where you...
  4. The Silencer

    Universal keypad code

    Pro-tip if you speedrun: don't do it on No Regret mode. I forgot how brutal the game is on that level. It's not even challenging anymore but plain annoying and frustrating as a lot of the danger comes from guards suddenly spawning in your rear, often with one-shot weapons. It's hard to prepare...
  5. The Silencer

    Universal keypad code

    Oh my, it worked :D Tried it in No Regret on a random keypad in mission 3.
  6. The Silencer

    Universal keypad code

    Interesting, I never knew this. I will try to remember this and try it next time I play. Is this for No Remorse, No Regret or both?
  7. The Silencer

    No Regret Secret room M10, level 4

    This one is on the 4th, optional, level. At the end of the third level you can choose between two telepads. The one protected by numpad takes you directly to level 5, the other to this level. About halfway is this area. Anyhone know how to open this door? The room is on the Prima guide maps but...
  8. The Silencer

    No Regret Secrets in No Regret not covered in Prima Guide

    Found another one. This is in the final room of mission 8 (Lunar Defense Battery). In the lower SE corner is a hidden switch. This will open a secret door in the small room the north. It's behind a door with a partially obscured keypad and has a grenadier inside. The secret room behind it...
  9. The Silencer

    No Regret Mission 6: secret telepad

    This one I haven't been able to solve. If you missed the conveyor shortcut at the start of the second level you will progress through the level, then drop down some grating at the end to the third level. Shortly before entering the main separator room you come across this room with the telepad...
  10. The Silencer

    No Regret No Regret: Mission 3 - Where to find this keycard?

    Turns out I had solved this in 2014 already with the help of some awesome members of this forum, see Long story short, you don't find the keycard when coming through the ducts. When you continue normal and...
  11. The Silencer

    No Regret Mission 5: unreachable containers

    Yes, I figured this one out as well. First you can climb atop the platform using the boxes at 1 (don't blow them up). There is a hidden shootable switch at 2 to activate the lightbridge. From there you can jump to 3 if you position yourself right. Another thing to cross of my list!
  12. The Silencer

    What is this gun?

    Looks more of a flamethrower to me to be honest, perhaps something to be mounted on a mech.
  13. The Silencer

    AMF2MOD command line tool

    Oh I remember Silencer's Crusader page (not related to me), I still that bookmarked even I think to the archive page that was made (oocities or something like that).
  14. The Silencer

    No Regret No Regret: Mission 3 - Where to find this keycard?

    Another long standing enemy of mine. This area is in level 1 of mission 3. In mission three you can find secret ducts not far of the beginning and you end up here. At 1 is a keycard reader for a blue keycard. This is NOT the blue keycard you find going up the stairs in a safe as this opens the...
  15. The Silencer

    No Regret Secret monitor level 2

    Since I'm digging up old secrets again, this is one I haven't ever figured out. Maybe after all those years someone has an idea? This is on the last level of mission 2 in the mines. If you up that platform you head to final portion of the level. You need to go through a back area open a door to...
  16. The Silencer

    No Regret Secret telepad mission 2

    Yes that is the corridor and room. Where did you get the maps? They sound like an interesting source to see if there's things I've missed in the last 25 years as even the strategy guide doesn't show everything in their maps.
  17. The Silencer

    Crusader: No Regret map info

    There is a secret room in mission 6 (Ore Separator) where there is a small "cut scene". The photo shows up there.
  18. The Silencer

    Unknown secret in level 4?

    Yeah, I've been there. I can't recall if it leads to a weapon or an actual shortcut though. It's been a while since I played.
  19. The Silencer

    No Regret Secret telepad Mission 8

    I think these switches are the key after all. In mission 2 there is a similar situation with switches behind a wall that appear needing specific sequence triggering. I will try to figure this out once I get here.
  20. The Silencer

    No Regret Secret telepad mission 2

    I'm replaying the game again and again try to find all the secrets and stuff. I ran into this one, again. I couldn't remember how to open the door and was about to post here when it turns out I had figured it again. Posting it again here for posterity. I revealed the hidden switches with the...