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  1. JC Denton

    Crusader 2 PSX Pre-Pre Alpha recovered and released

    Damn, what a find! I see there's a flame throwing wall turret, which ties in nicely with screenshot(s) from a planned multiplayer (where you can see Silencers running around using flamethrowers). It seems this build was effectively a testing ground for various ideas. BTW, in the last...
  2. JC Denton

    Upscaling cutscenes

    Hi guys, I was thinking would it be possible to raise the quality of the original videos. I found this - Gigapixel for Video, an AI-based system for upscaling video files. I'm gonna try with a few clips from No Remorse and No Regret and see the results, although the first clip I used for...
  3. JC Denton

    Cpl. Troy "The Wizard" Reeves

    Well, after a bit more research, I finally found the actor who played "The Wizard"! :) His name is Taylor Sheridan and here's his IMDB page: I found him completely by coincidence as I googled "taylor gibler actor" and in search results there was this guy who...
  4. JC Denton

    DF Retro: Crusader - No Remorse

    Digital Foundry did a video on Origin and Crusader - No Remorse! :) Check it out:
  5. JC Denton

    Crusader - game and level design :)

    Hey guys! J This place has been so quiet for so long, so I felt the need to write something. So, I was playing No Remorse (again) last week and I realized how I never thought about the environments that I’ve been fighting in. If you think about it, in both No Remorse and No Regret, all those...
  6. JC Denton

    Happy New Year !!!

    v2016!! :)
  7. JC Denton

    No Regret Bugs/unexplainable things

    I believe many of us have witnessed some weird things while playing No Regret (or Crusader series in general). Out of all things that bugged me over the years, I can remember two distinctive things that keep repeating on every playthrough I ever did in the last ~18 years. :) 1. Being followed...
  8. JC Denton

    No Remorse vs No Regret

    Ok, I'm not sure if this topic has been discussed before.. :) * Which Crusader do you like more - No Remorse or No Regret? * I'll go first: After playing through both games countless of times, I came to the conclusion that I like No Regret better. While there are things that I like better in...
  9. JC Denton

    Excessive spam...

    Spammers are hitting this forum pretty hard these days. I wonder is there anything we can do about it aside from clicking "report to moderator"... >(
  10. JC Denton

    Crusader series - dev tools/SDK/whatever...

    A few months ago, I asked Mark Vittek through a private message on YouTube, if we could get a hold of original Crusader dev-tools, but never got the reply, so I assumed that the answer is "no". Anyone else ever tried asking someone from the original development team about this?
  11. JC Denton

    Happy New Year!!!

    Best wishes to all of you, my fellow Crusader fans!  :)
  12. JC Denton

    Level editor...?

    Is there a level editor for Crusader No Remorse or No Regret? I remember I read somewhere that Origin planned to release one with their next Crusader game, but that, as far as I know, never happened... :( Any suggestions?
  13. JC Denton

    A little tribute to Crusader series...

    Me drumming along Crusader theme for No Pity. Watch in high quality (480p)! Enjoy!  :)
  14. JC Denton

    Hi, everybody!

    My first post. I've been around this forum for a few years now (just looking), so I decided to finally register!  :) Crusader series is one of my all time favorite game series. I first played it back in 1996. when I was only 12 years old and the game blew me away. Aside form Deus Ex, Crusader...