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    Maps / Map from screenshots?

    I was wondering if there were any color maps of all levels or stitched-together screenshots? I see someone on has scanned the playguides, and those appear to have the maps in black and white. Those are sufficient for playing and info, of course, but I...
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    SHOC Trooper flash game - Crusader Inspired?

    Have you run into this? S.H.O.C. Trooper: A flash game, and *cough*, sure looks inspired by Crusader goodness. Red suit, clean space corridors...  Just missing the helmet! 8)
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    Images and Sounds?

    Greetings! It's been a pleasure to drop by the last few years and see people excited about Crusader, one (two) of the games I keep replaying and praying for a remake of. (And cheers to you remakers!) Please pardon the noob question, but I'm trying to get my bearings. I was hoping to find...