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    Stuff that makes you think of Crusader

    As people who have frequented this board may realize, my contributions to the community are...rather sporadic. The reasons for this are fairly straightforward: I am easily distracted.  This also helps, though, because it means that things can randomly make me think of Crusader, or the Silencer...
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    Occasionally even wretched hives of scum and villainy do things interesting.

    In a 4chan drawing thread, someone requested "some new armored female badass to clean knock-kneed suit-wetting Other M Samus from my brainpan", specifically a scarfaced female Silencer taking off her helmet. Check it.  Pretty good, for a sketch.
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    The Silencer's memetastic!

    A while back, I had an idea for a meme. It would be a list of facts in the vein of Chuck Norris or Vin Diesel.  The only problem I ran into was that mine were either very derivative of other facts, or were "my favorite fictional character can beat up your favorite fictional character".  For...
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    Starcraft 2 engine

    From what I've seen, the Starcraft 2 engine is ridiculously flexible.  Just for example, within the user interface of the ship, in the cantina, there's an arcade game that's an old-school shmup built entirely within the in-game engine.  It might be suitable for something like a Crusader...
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    How do you scare an upstoppable killer?

    The Silencer interests me because he is human in shape but acts in such an inhuman way.  Is he human on a deeper level, though?  Does he have favorite foods?  Is he a sexual being?  Is his favorite color, perhaps, not red? What does he fear? I think he has to be afraid of something.  It...
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    Oh No You Di'nt

    That delightfully catchy and upbeat tune from the Mercenaries II: Playground Of Destruction commercials is available, free and legal, here: The subject matter is even pretty suited to Crusader: a badass who gets slighted by...
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    I find it kind of fitting that Deviants have done the most fanart of our rebellious Silencer than any site other than this one I've ever seen. Possibly the best I've ever seen.  It combines a real understanding of perspective with a modified version of the classic pose from the end of the first...
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    Paradigm shift

    Warning: the following discusses semi-adult themes and materials in blunt language. A paradigm shift describes a fundamental change in a particular viewpoint. So I had a thought the other day that completely derailed my train of thinking about Crusader: what if the Captain is a woman? Now...
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    HALO 3.

    Jesus.  I don't care if it ends up sucking. This picture makes me want to do bad things to my monitor.  Things that I'm pretty sure are illegal in a number of countries, if only because of antiquated laws against sex toys.
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    The Assassin's Creed (or, A Digital Boner)

    Look at this. I mean, just look at it. I don't even need to say anything. Just look.
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    MechWarrior 3 narrator

    MechWarrior 3 isn't the greatest game ever.  However, one part of the game continues to fascinate me: the mission briefings. The briefings themselves are pretty bare-bones, in keeping with the game's feel--an unsupported 'Mech lance taking on an entire planet of Clan assets--but the narrator's...
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    The Eternal Champion

    It's not a new concept, but I realize I've been pretty much playing around with it for months, even years now. The Eternal Champion is an idea where someone with very similar traits exists in multiple universes, but is not the same person, and does not even have the same name.  There might be...
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    No Regret No Regret intro rewritten.

    And I'm finally done.  Woo. Upper Earth orbit September, 2196 46 hours after destruction of orbital bombardment platform Vigilance "It's one of those Silencers!" When he woke up, the Silencer realized he was tired.  It was a sensation he was not entirely used to.  Months with the Resistance...
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    Now why couldn't I be this prolific with other stuff?

    At 1:30 last night, I had an idea for a story.  Not Silencer/Crusader-related. By 3:00, I'd filled two pages of looseleaf, single-spaced, both sides.  I went to bed. Today at work, my head was anywhere other than on the customers.  Or rather, it was at a very specific place, instead of focused...
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    So what I'm trying right now...

    ...aside from balancing the five billions fandoms that are crammed into my brain... writing elaborations of scenarios from within the games that get into the head of the Silencer, as well as a short piece detailing how he contacts the Resistance in the first place. It is more difficult...
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    No Remorse Just a bug in my copy, or an actual part of design?

    So playing mission 4 of No Remorse this morning (destroy the comm array so that Resistance convoys can get into the city with supplies), I found out it was possible to get out of the mission without destroying the array.  Needless to say, I backed out, finished the mission, then came home again...
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    The beginning of No Mercy

    Here's one of my ideas for the opening movie of No Mercy (or whatever the next game would be). "Oh, God."  Layla stretched, then paused to look at the thin, hard man she'd known only as Joey, but whom she'd counted as her closest friend, for over two years.  "I can say that, right?  Oh God?"...
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    The Secret of the Silencers

    The Silencers are not part of the WEC. Everyone, even Gauthier, thinks they are.  But the men and women who became the first Silencers found that the way their brains had been twiddled provided interesting insights.  They had wanted to be better soldiers.  Now they wanted something more...
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    A weirdly appropriate song

    So on the Casino Royale soundtrack, there's this weird sort of orchestral rock ballad thingy.  And as you might imagine, a song from the point of view of a cold-blooded secret agent would work oddly well for the Silencer, especially with the irony of the song title and chorus thrown in there...
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    No Regret Bah! Or - The Secrets Thread

    I both hate and love secrets in the Crusader games.  Love because a graviton shield midway through mission 6 in No Regret makes you that much harder to screw with.  Hate because you see one of those green footlockers up in some cubby somewhere, and it seems completely inaccessible, and you can't...