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    Asian Fashion - Asian Anime Hair

    Hey guys, this is one of the hottest types of fashion in Asia now. These hairstyles are very unique and they give the person have an anime appearence. They are not worn only in Japan, Korea, and China, but other asian countries as well. This is the most generic fashion in Asia. Common names...
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    Crusader Skin for DOOM

    Hey, it's a been awhile I've posted something here. I'm working on a project that is a custom skin for the game DOOM. It's a Silencer skin for the game which you can play as the silencer from Crusader. This project should take 2 hours or less to be done. I just got to work on the head and some...
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    14/15 year old Girl can sing like 30 year old woman

    Her name is Charice Pempengco. She's from Philippines. She's very talented. She can sing very well like Celine Dion. The show is Korean, but the guest is from Philippines.
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    Crusader Battle Sprites for Super Microsuit Taisen

    These are the current battle sprites for a strategy game I'm developing. The game is called Super Microsuit Taisen. You can check the thread here;topicseen#new  
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    Super Microsuit Taisen [Graphic Novel]

    Hey everyone, this is a graphic novel I will create that will probably be released as a game in the future. It's a crossover of various shooting games where the main character wears a suit to kill enemies. Say for example, doom, crusader, halo, etc. You guys know the game Super Robot Taisen...
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    My non Crusader Artwork

        Mechs for the Visual Novel     Fighter Sprite (Work in Progress)   Face portraits for a Visual Novel
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    New Crusader Emoticons

    Here's the 2nd release :). Download available. Download:
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    Crusader with a new gun

    A new piece I came up. I thought of putting him next to a crusader logo, but then I thought not.
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    Crusader No Reaction

    This is an idea I came up when I was thinking of a fan game.
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    Error in Dos Box

    Hey everyone, I had trouble running remorse in dos box here. I got dos box installed and I have mounted the drives to c:\games\remorse. When I ran install.exe in there, I got this error. Unable to open file (null), in file FILE\FASTFLEX.C, line 38. Anyone know how to fix this?
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    Crusader sprite here.

    I've decided to make a Silencer SD sprite, here he is.