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    A great find

    I just picked up a still-shrinkwrapped of No Regret -- very chuffed about it! It's the gold box Classics release, not the original, but still, I'm quite happy.
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    Anybody have extra boxes?

    I realize this is a long shot, but I have some loose discs and manuals for the Crusader games that need a home in new boxes. If anybody happens to have empty boxes for either game, please PM me. Thanks!
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    No Remorse Generators at start of mission 1

    I've always been curious about the short row of power generators at the start of mission 1. They're next to the computer and under the big fan. Does anybody know whether destroying them actually has some effect on the level?
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    No Remorse Version 1.10?

    I recently picked up an extra copy of No Remorse and when I installed it I was surprised to see that the executable is version 1.10 -- I was never aware of any versions other than 1.01 and 1.21. Has anybody else ever seen 1.10?
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    No Regret Hiigh-color video?

    With my old 386, and then 486, I could never perceive any difference when the "High-Color Video" option was turned on or off. And now with Dosbox I tried out the various machine types but still couldn't notice a difference. Has anyone ever gotten this feature to work?
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    DOSBox scalars and Crusader

    Has anyone gotten the DOSBox scalars to produce noticeable results in either Crusader game? So far I haven't seen any difference with the ones I have experimented with.
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    Creating a new FAQ

    I'd really like to put together a brand-new FAQ to replace the text file I wrote... it has been almost 10 years after all. This would also give me the perfect opportunity to learn how to put together a nice-looking PDF file, which I've been wanting to do for a while. Let's use this thread to put...
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    No Remorse No Remorse demo download?

    I've been looking around unsuccessfully for a download of No Remorse's demo... is it out there? I specifically remember playing a demo of the first level on a CD tucked into an issue of PC Gamer back in 1996. I'd really like to fire it up again rather than having to wait until I'm back in the...
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    Are there open bugs?

    I'm curious if there are any bugs remaining in either Crusader game and, if so, if there is a list of them anywhere.
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    No Remorse The Playstation version

    I've heard that the Playstation version had different graphics and very different levels... is this true?
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    No Regret 16-bit video

    Did anyone ever get this to work? I never noticed any difference in video quality whether on my old 386, 486, or in Dosbox on a modern machine.
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    Better sound in Crusader:No Regret

    i just learned of this tip from the Dosbox forums. If you open up the config file there is a setting for mixrate. Set it to 48000 to get better sound quality. (This may not work with every system.) The default setting is 22050.
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    What would it cost to buy Crusader?

    As in, buying the rights to No Remorse and No Regret? I really wonder what Origin would ask... has anyone ever done it? I know I've fantasized about buying the complete rights to all source code, artwork, and future sequels, and turning the games into a project for Doom-style source ports.