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    My plans with Qemu

    :heart: Crusader and classic Operative systems always.:D. I am a fully Windows user since 1995. Old school Sound Blaster EMU 8000 user. ISA Bus one users. Those classic fellers fit inside these environment. Why not? ;):P. These junior is investigating the possibilities of building own source...
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    Back Again new PC new S.O Windows 7 - So long Windows Xp

    :cool: Hey Guys I armed an amazing rocking PC!! Personal Computer well from Argentina/ New wave fellers.:D;):P I am AM3 Socket now!! Take a look: Main board: Asrock-N68-VGS3 FX CPU: AMD ATHLON X2 250 3.0GHZ SOCKET AM3. GFX ROCKS: GE-FORCE GT430 1024MB DDR3 PCIEX X16. TAKE A LOOK SOUND-CARD...
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    Hey!! fellers I found a new wave for playing Crusader!!!

    :D. Here's a list of programs can be used: Qemu (emulator= Virtual Box (dos Windows 95 and 98) Parallels (Excellent) Bochs Vmware Microsoft Virtual PC. So sooner we would have to say so long dosbox! I guess.:):D I hope this serve as a new wave info and Idea. I am on it. I want to emulate the...
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    Queen fan on website!! Queen!! from 1992 till 2013 actually still loving Queen. My heros of Music fellers!!! yeah!! rock and roll!! [hr] I want it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall!!! I love to sing this rock song!!!
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    Crusader No Regret Series Andrew Sega Tribute. That links contains the video I found a cd with music dubbed from 1996 I recorded with a friend in Ciudadela a town in Buenos Aires. Argentina. That cd contained these tracks I uploaded them in a video dedicated also to my highschool friends male and...
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    Descent2 Musicalizing

    Crawl and other tracks inside this video. Descent 2 and other games inside.
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    Classic Games Musical Part 3 Crusader Series :):D:P;):cool:
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    Classic Games Included Crusader 2.

    Enjoy everything. And rank them Crusader fellers. Created by Andrew Ardito. [hr] Street Fighter Themes [hr] I love Creative Sound Blaster Soundcards in this video I have a photo of a Creative Audigy 2 PCI! I have installed right now In my pc and games rocks with this card!!
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    Classic Games Included Crusader.

    :D:P:cool: Classic Games Part 6
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    Many creative projects!

    Hi everyone I think you remember me from 2007. I am back again for more creative works I do with my guitar. I have news the enterprise called Interplay is back check this out!!! Interplay :D Amazing 2 of my favourite I would :heart: to have again on new sequels. Crusader Series obviously and...
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    Crusadermaniac is back!!!

    :D I am back!!! I am developing many projects as well. First of all let me say hi to all. Is been a while. Andrew Ardito is always working in real life I happened to be removed all my videos from Queenmaniac2008 youtube account. But I managed to create a new account. Is directly Andres Ardito in...