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    Silencer Vs Master Chief

    Master Chief and Silencer are my two favorite shooting game characters. they are both super soldiers =D. in my opinion i think silencer is better. Silencer can knock the master chief out with spider bombs and other super weapons. Which character do you think is better?
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    Custom Crusader enemy: "Bulletman"

    yo, here's a custom character I made a few minutes ago. I call him Bulletman. he's a fictional rank of the WEC Forces I came up. Whatcha guys think? i'm bad at spriting. this is my first attempt at making a crusader character. Rank: Bulletman Description: They are a secret unit of the...
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    Hello, I'm Keiryu. I'm new here. I've played Crusader No Regret when I was 6 and this game rocked!! i've played it again and again and i never got bored. One of the best shooters I've ever played. I'm a game creator and I've been making games for 7 years.