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    No Regret Explanation needed for lines by President Gauthier

    "Carpet stain you call a soul", quoted from the last few lines by President Gauthier in No Regret. Since I am not a native English speaker, I fail to comprehend the meaning of this sentence. As if it's a kind of reproach to Chairman Draygan. Draygan was crazy and desperate in No Regret, unlike...
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    No Remorse Latest No Remorse version?

    I picked up No Remorse again recently. I find that my game CD is already prepatched. It claims that the game version is 1.23. So far as I know, No Remorse patches hosted on the Internet  are almost 1.21, with game version unrelated sound patch. I compared the patch 1.21 and the sound upgrade...
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    Speed up the loading of partially installed "No Remorse"

    My first impression on "No Remorse" was by its PlayStation version - great gameplay experience and yet, ultra high frequency of loading. When I was able to obtain its PC version, I was disappointed by its loading performance when partial installed. Slow intermission loading, and special effects...
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    "Crusader Certificated" PCI Sound cards?

        I have upgraded my mobo from VIA 693A to Intel 815EP, so I lost the great DOS gaming support from VIA onboard audio. Unfortunately, Intel does not provide any DOS driver for its onboard audio controller. Neither does Realtek, the onboard audio codec manufacturer. My friend sent me a CMI8738...