A couple of questions


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OK so now that I've got Crusader running on DOSBox 0.72 I've got a couple of questions. Well first I'll say that I'm surprised how smooth and trouble free the process was!!! Now, some of my questions just may be me forgetting how things were 15 years ago, anyways...
- what's with the graphics? I remember them being better. Is there something I have to change somewhere?
- for some reason it appears that my mouse movements only work horizontally and not vertically. So when I'm aiming somewhere, I can't change my aim vertically. Granted that those bullseye thingies help, but is that's how it's supposed to be? I've no idea how I've killed some of the guards just by shooting any old where.  :D

That's it for now. I'm sure other things will come up in the future.

On a different note I'm also playing F.E.A.R. currently. Reminded me of Crusader for some reason.
I might be misunderstanding you, but you can't aim vertically in Crusader. If a guard is on a higher level, and you aim in that direction (horizontally), the Silencer will automatically adjust his aim higher.
Yes and No Regret had smoother "graphics" than No Remorse. Dont know which one you play.

However the graphics are the same but all new wall textures and sprites seem to be a bit higher res or whatever at least thats what I thought the last time I played No Regret  :p
About graphic quality, the output setting in DosBox plays a great part. Screen resolution also matters. Correct(or optimized) combination really depends on your graphic adapter and respective driver. Some will look a little blur, while some other too sharp. For me, the simplest way is surface output,  resolution 640x480. By the way, Crusaders do not look good on a D-Sub connected 19" wide LCD monitor. DVI rules.