Chaser - officially unofficial crusader?


Screeshot says it all:



Chaser is a 3D first person shooter game with an exciting and deep storyline, full of unexpected action situations, environmental changes and many different environments.

You wake up in a secret laboratory and within moments, you're amidst conspiracies, dangers and the mystery of your identity! Who are you? What happened to you and why do so many people want to kill you, whilst others pretend to be friends? "Chaser" is a classical, cutscene-driven egoshooter with some sneaker- and submarine-inserts. You fight your way thru 45 indoor- and outdoor-levels by the force of ten classical shooter-weapons and a "Adrenaline" called "bullet-time"-feature. Some multiplayer-maps offer the regular team-based modes like Capture-the-Flag.

here is the official website -

let's discuss, has anyone played this game?

If it was a Third Crusader game then it would have had a different title.

Although indeed the characters in that game really look like the silencer, and since I have Chaser :) I also loved it but ITS NOT a crusader game :)

Sooooo like Keenan I hope that they will release a new crusder game somewhere in the future...

GReetingss from LORD_DrDeathhand
Mmm...the game looks intersting I love 3d game first person, take a look to my list of games. But I still with the hope of a new Crusader I think it will better than Chaser... :) . What do you think? :D. I think that Crusader  with the real shape of the silencer will be better. Remember that in that time was a boom, Imagine in these days :). Beside that idea accidentally was in my mind too, I think I got late but still having hope with my MUGEN proyect, the only thing that is getting really new and good. Unfortunatelly MUGEN elecbyte has closed. What a pity but I never knew why that happened?, anyone knows??. Also in emu all Street Fight fans are waiting to Marvel Vs Capcom 2 be playable in MAME32. I ran the game using the best dreamcast emulator and I couldn't play it, really slow. Is curious but I had the opportiunity to play it 3 times only in a real arcade machine. I miss Crusaders and Marvel Vs Capcom 2 :'(.