converting Crusader ingame sprites into *.tga files

ok i tested the files.

flx_extractor works fine with both no remorse and no regret.

However crusader2mng doesn't work with No Remorse sprites. I extracted them from No Remmorse shapes.flx and than tried to convert spr using crusader2mng tool and it crashes on me. :(

Didn't try with no regret through. Do nto have it installed right now. Maybe the trouble is taht I should put zlib.dll somewhere into windows folder?
It work. Tested on XP. How do you run it?
It can crash only if it can't find file, or wrong file supplied. There's no sanity checks at all.
hmmm I run it under WinXP. Using Total Commander as a shell. and I write in the command line: crusader2mng.exe file_0001.spr

for example, than execute and it does nothing.
It does nothing, or crash? I checked right now, all ok with TC.
Put crusader2mng.exe (and zlib1.dll) in directory with single sprite. Run for that sprite. Do you have some output? Watch console window with messages.
I don't remenber how to show console in TC. I'm using FAR always :)  Try to run cmd.exe in directory with sprites, then run converter.
ok tried what you suggested, nothing. (btw tried it at my home PC right now)

Run from command line in dos, here is the output, looks like the trouble with the library (might be wrong) any ideas?
I cant get it to work either, I just get windows throwing up an error

hmmm I just tested this at my work computer and I get the same error as before.
I have no idea what could be wrong. Maybe it's because of mng format? Maybe the trouble with that format? Because flx_extractor works perfectly with no errors at all and crusader2mng keeps not converting the spr files. Maybe it's better to convert directly to animated gif? Maybe the problem with this mng format? Not sure, just an idea.

Heh... but still very great work RPGMan, you are da best bro!!! I wish we had a programmer like you for our Crusader: No Hope 3D. We have a banch of designers, modellers, a writer and a musician here, but not a single programmer rofl.
The only reason I sugested MNG was because it's a "free" file type. Idealy it would convert to a GIF (but some GIF formats are under patent, while another is free).

Anyway if possible converting the spr files into an aniamted GIF would be great, even better if the "green" background was set to be transparent.

Anyway, I havent tried the new version yet, but I noticed that the old one never worked with large spr files, but it would with the small ones