Crusader: No Remorse on Android Possibility


Hello to all!

Just wanted to share what I have found playing around with some apps for Android. I have always used DosBOX to play CNR on my PC, however, I got the idea yesterday to try the same on my G1 HTC Dream Android-based phone. First thing I ran into was that there are no DOS emulators for Android. But to my surprise, a small project called aDosBOX has been started to port DosBOX to Android devices.

Great! So I installed a copy to my G1 Dream phone. The phone is known for its lack of physical RAM. In fact, it has the lowest I think of any Android-based 'official' devices. So I launched a 'aDosBOX' session and received a blinking cursor for a second, then it crashed and redirected me back to my home screen.

I rebooted the phone and tried again. Success! It actually stayed up and running. So I tried the following commands:

mount c /sdcard/cnr (cnr being the folder on my sdcard that I have the contents of the Crusader: No Remorse CD in)

*pressed ENTER


*pressed ENTER

The game started to launch for about 30 seconds, with the initial ..... scrolling across the screen, and then I received an error stating that I had run out of extended memory and I should try the -x38 parameter (or -x34 if that failed)


So I then re-opened aDosBOX and tried the same mount command, but this time I said

crusader -x34


The game started to launch, almost got there but then crashed again saying I was out of extended memory. My thoughts are that I should probably repartition my Android phone with a swap file (virtual RAM) and then try again...

What I would like to do is get it running on my Archos 5 Internet Tablet, which has much higher processing and RAM capabilities. The only problem is aDosBOX will not launch on that device, no matter which version I run (as in which screen-resolution release build I try).