Crusader Portal


Well here is a test version of the portal. Currently i'm creating the menu. It will be much langer than you see now. It will contain multiple categories and sections.

I'll make Goku an admin, when i'm done creating the main layout, so goku will know (Goku is Keenan btw) where to upload the files, than i'll teach him on using admin menu and after we do all this, the portal will be ready to start it's full online life with frequent updates. :D

portal as it looks on 3rd of June 2006

so far the only working sections that contain some info are:
News section.. lol :D
and the section Demolitions under Documents->Armory. Enjoy.

P.S. waiting for the critics and offeres.
Looks pretty good. The banner could be the correct proportions though, and a bluish background would be better than a weird olive green thing.
well i can't code the template. I'll see what i can do, cause i want to make it the same colors as our forums, but i'm not sure when i can do that. So far let's stick to the default one, which i have changed already :p

Banner is a working images so far. I'll improve it when i have time. Do not ask alot from me, after all i'm doing the whole portal, PORTAL alone :D This takes time and some dedication. hehehehe

Goku, plz could you post here some pictures that will look good as a banner. Maybe you have some highres stuff or something, that i cn use as a Top image (banner) for the portal.

and i'll work on a bluish style later next week :p
alright made some changes. Gave it a more bluish look :D I hope you like it.

Also changed the style of the banner. Though the picture is still the same. Waiting till you give me a highres one :D
Looks good! I'll try to find some good looking pictures for a banner... I'm thinking of using the city outline on the No Remorse box.
general setup is near completion. Maybe a day or too and i'll launch the portal.

The content for the portal will be uploaded and updated on the site (i mean music, video, other files, like scripts, etc..) step by step. The main task for me right now is to finish the setup and fill all sections except document and downloads. So people may start browsing.