Crusader sprite here.

Bboy Silencer

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I've decided to make a Silencer SD sprite, here he is.

ohh man, so you can create animated sprites, right? Have you ever considered doing fan project in crusader universe, such as Crusader game? lol
MAN! I can tell you that you have found people who are willing to do the same stuff!

I'm not an artist guy in terms of background and characters. I'm very bored doing them. My expertise is 3D modeling Design and GUI art. I can do all kind of menues, plan the mechanics of the game, etc... Also do some scripting and programming. But with graphics it's just the way to much for me lol.

Tell me mate, what you had in your plans?
Wow that's a really awesome looking game you're working there. Good stuff!

I have no skills in animating sprites, but I think I can help with some 2D stuff. I draw mechs on my spare time.

Maybe so far we will leave the ideas about the game when we all have more free time and so far, if you are willing to do so, we may create a small gallery of Crusader Sprites and host them here under special Art section if you wish to spend time on doing this.

You already made an awesome start with your Crusader sprite! It's looks so perfect!!! Sorry if i'm bothering you mate, lol, but your sprite made me so happy lol!
hahaha lol, this is awesome mate. Man, you won't believe it, but I can make it coded and working lol.
Aw thank you guys. It was crappy, one of my worst mockups. Here's my attempt for a fighter version of the silencer. It was an edit of a fighter sprite I did this month.




    Sorry for the walking animation, I am not really a good sprite animator. 



I did this one for fun. He doesn't look like the original one.
hahah mate, you are doing awesome job! Honostly speaking those animations you made a well enough for japanese RP games. I would say more than enough to make a good ISO game lol or arcade game in the style of Mario. Hey Goku what do you think? maybe we can make a small Crusader: No Arcade game? lol

And what would you say Bboy? Would you like to participate int hat kind of project?
I don't know, I don't have that much time though. Thanks for letting me in this project. I'm going to study iso pixel art some time soon.
sure Bboy, RL is priority, we are not rushing with it. If you have a willingness to participate, we may work slow, etc... I'm also busy as hell. Right now I even can't find time to publish some Portal Updates.

Anyway just do what you want, because creating sprites for own fun is the most fruitful thing, you will never get bored, rather than doing something within a certain time limit. Your work is great and I personaly want to tell you, that you are doing amazing stuff! So far your art is one of the best Crusader Fan-Art created. It's unique and stylish.