Crusader sprite here.

Bboy Silencer link said:
Aw thank you guys. It was crappy, one of my worst mockups. Here's my attempt for a fighter version of the silencer. It was an edit of a fighter sprite I did this month.




    Sorry for the walking animation, I am not really a good sprite animator. 



I did this one for fun. He doesn't look like the original one.

This is awesome!!! pal...pretty good!!!. Shinkuuu....Hadoken!!!. :D
It reminds me of an old Genesis shooter by Treasure, Gunstar Heroes. One of the frequent sub-bosses encountered are armored troopers called Phantoms, and their uncanny resemblance to a Silencer is distinct, especially when you encounter the red one in an early stage.
OMG man, OMG! This is so cool. There is not much crusader fan-art, but you making it perfect, it's totaly awesome! Keep on going bro, keep on going!!!

P.S. I started learning how to us Torgue Builder Engine... so far so good ;)

btw, check this topic, what do you think? -
Thanks. It's really nice you're gonna be studying the torque . Looks like we got  programmers here, it's gonna be possible we'll have hope for the crusader future.  :).