DEEP v1.3 Crusader Guide


here you will find the information on how to run Crusader Games under DOS Environment Package (DEEP).
So let's begin:

Download link -


C drive with FAT partition - DEEP will operate on 100% correctly.
C drive with NTFS partition - DEEP won't start in most cases. However on some systems it runs normally to unknown reasons so far. My assumption is - the type of format process during windows install (fast or complete format. which one works is unknown, i haven't tested yet).

DOS Environment Package V1.3
created by Cyberion

=I do not take any responsobility if any of the programmes included in the package will damage or harm your Computer.

ok here is the instructions on what you need to do with all the files you have.
First of all let me explain what this all means:

--What's that?
These are the collection of files, which will help you to run almost 100% of all DOS games.

--How does it work?
Simple, it will create a special BootDisk, which will boot your DOS system and let you to run the games
from their natural Operating System (OS). These games were made for DOS, so what else have you expected?
Other programmes will help you to install the sound card drivers and slowdown your computer if it runs very fast.

--The package, what's inside?
Ok, you might have noticed that besides this readme file there are 4 more files.
All of them zip archives. These are:

No metter what, you will need only 3 of them... ehheeh why? let me explain it. - containes the programme, which will create the bootdisk for you. - DOS Sound Drivers for the SoundBlaster LIVE, without them sound won't work. - AUDIGY/AUDIGY 2 DOS Sound Drivers. - DOS Sound Driver for VIA soundcards. - Volcov Commander, The DOS navigational manager similar to Total (Windows) Commander.

You will need those files to properly create the working environment for your DOS-games.
So why you will need 3 files and not more? Haven't you understood yet?,, are the specific Drivers for the specific soundcard.
So if you have SBLive, you do not need to install AUDIGY drivers and vise versa.
You may ask "and if i have another card than those on your list?" well than i will answer that you need to try
it anyway, if it doesn't work, than try to find the DOS sound drivers or the solution on the internet.

--Installation Instructions:
1. Unzip anywhere you like
2. Launch the wHive12.exe and follow the instructions
3. After wHive created the bootdisk for you, unzip to C:\vc
a. If you have SBLive soundcard than unzip to the C:\Live
b. If you have AUDIGY/AUDIGY 2 soundcard than unzip to the C:\Live
c. If you have any of VIA soundcard than unzip to the C:\Live

5. Now make sure that the floppy disc (which you created with the wHive) inside the floppy drive
6. If it's inside than restart the computer
7. The DOS menu will popup, from here you may select the starting configuration, select any that fits you, but mainly
it's the following (at least that's what i always do) 1-2-1-1. That way you will have the CDROM drivers installed as
well as the mouse driver.
8. Now we need to install the soundcard, so type the following c:\live\sound.bat
for example if your floppy drive at the drive "A" (99% people have it as drive "A" I bet you have it as well)
the line after the system has booted and after you typed what i said will look like this A:\>c:\live\sound.bat
9. Now hit the Enter key
10. Viola, everything was installed and should work (works for 99% of people anyway). Just in case here is the controls
in the Volcov Commander:

-press ALT+F1 or ALT+F2
-select your CD drive where your Game's cdrom is located
-choise install.exe or similar file and install the game

11. Go and play the game!!!

-wHive12 - is copyrighted to BumbleB's Beehive Team
-SBLive Series and AUDIGY Series - are copyrighted to Creative Inc.
-VIA Sound Cards - are copyrighted to VIA Technologies.
-SlowDown v2.0 - is copyrighted to Bret Johnson (

This file was written by Cyberion, also that was Cyberion who spent 4 hours testing the settings, finding the right
programmes and drivers, creating the "sound.bat" file inside the Drivers folder, so you may launch it and everything
will be installed for you, that was Cyberion who packed the files into this great package for everyone's usage.
So give him a huge thx and visit his site:


Best regards,

P.S. I'm not native english speaker, so bare with my spelling mistakes.

Version Notes of the DEEP (DOS EnvironmEnt Package)

Version 1.3
-few corrections in the code to make it run smoother
-added VIA Sound Card support

Version 1.2
-added slowdown programme
-created the selection menu for the slowdown programme
-corrected some spelling mistakes

Version 1.1
-fixed mistype in the sound.bat file, now VC should run properly

Version 1.0
-Initial release
A quick question, does this work when you restart from Windows XP?
no, after you installed a bootdisc you have to restart your PC so the DOS environment will be loaded.

Read instructions once more, it's in there.
I tried this out, and it all went well until installing the sound drivers. It didn't recognize my C drive.
But since it doesn't let me access my C drive, I can't access the game. :\
You can't access the C drive? That's pretty strange. I can't offer any help on this... Cyb will know what to do.
Maybe it doesn't support NTFS partitions? I dunno, I saw another bootdisk that said that, so maybe it could be the same?
hmmmm hard call here. Not sure about partition thing. I'm not a professional programmer so this stuff about partition is a black hole to my knowledge. Even on how DEEP will work in different partition types - i have no idea.

did you try to type in dos mode - c: - this should let you access c drive. Also did you copied everything to the exact folders and drives as it written in the readme file prior to install to a diskette and restart your PC with a diskette inside your drive?
ok it was reported to me that your c drive needs to have FAT32 partition in order to work properly under DEEP. However this isn't 100% true. I tested DEEP few days ago on my different drives. one with FAT and one with NTFS. Both worked.

From what i managed to recover i may conclude:

C drive with FAT partition - DEEP will operate on 100% correctly.

C drive with NTFS partition - DEEP won't start in most cases. However on some systems it runs normally to unknown reasons so far. My assumption is - the type of format process during windows install (fast or complete format).
Quoted from

Dual-booting Windows NT and DOS/Win95 When C: Is NTFS

However, there are some restrictions that must be observed for the procedure to work.? All of the following must be true:

? ? * DOS must be installed on a primary partition.? Logical partitions will not work.
? ? * The DOS partition must be on Drive 0 at boot time.? Swapping drives around at configuration time won't work.
? ? * The DOS partition (specifically, the root directory) must start within 1024 cylinders of the start of the drive.
? ? * The DOS partition (specifically, the root directory) must start within 2 GB (actually 2,113,928,704 bytes) of the start of the drive.

If you violate any of these restrictions, DOS may install but will not boot.

It's easy to tell your partition configuration via 2000/XP Disk Management. It allows you to create up to 4 primary partitions.?Installed on hard drive or not, when booting to DOS, the partition requirements must be met. Primary or logical is automatically handled by Microsoft Windows 2000/XP installation programs. They (including DOS FDisk) will not allow you to create more than one primary partitions. You have to do it later via Disk Management or other 3rd party programs.
DEEP v1 3 Crusader Guide

Well I used D-fend as it makes dosbox usage easier. I remember having problems with crusader too. I just copied the cd to a folder and mounted the cd to it, and it works.

Hope it helps.