Domain Expired?


Really, look:

And my drumming video says "for everything Crusader-related visit". Damn!  :D
ohh shit. Money on my credit card ended ;) Will put some tomorrow and renew the account. Sorry missed this  8)
Any progress? I started getting messages about why the site's gone missing!
yape. The domain name was suspended and removed from the renewal list. However It is still parked on my account. I just can't renew it. Wrote them email 5 minuets ago that they renew it automaticaly and bill my credit card. The main trouble is that they will charge me renewal cost + fee for not renewing it withing 15 days after expire date.

Waiting their reply. I hope the trouble will be solved within a day.
bad news. They are charging me 90.17 USD. On my credit card there are only 60. And I do not have any free money left for paying this huge redemption fee.

I guess I need your help here GOKU. Are you ready to assist in paying this fee mate? Due to my upcoming trip to Belgium I do not have any free money left. I converted everything to Euro, so I can take Euro cash with me  >(
Oh jeez. I have absolutely no money right now.  >(

Is there any chance for it to be cheaper at a future date?
nope, at the later date the name will be removed  >(

EDIT: asked friend to help. Will see if possible.
Well Actualy I pay about 12 USD to prolong it for 1 year. And about 10 USD for the hosting every month. + forwarding, etc... so in total I pay about 20 USD for everything per month.

But due to delay in payment and not renewing after 2 notifications they parked the domain name. So to make it unparked they charged 80 USD fee + about 10 USD to renew it for 1 year.

In any case, good news, my friend gave me his credit card and I payed the fee. Now... maybe I should buy Plasma TV?  8) 8) 8)