DOSBox 0.74 Crusader Guide


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DOSBox 0.74 Crusader Guide

Welcome to the DOSBox 0.74 Crusader Guide. In this thread, I will list the steps on how to properly use DOSBox ( to run both Crusader games at the optimal level.

Once downloaded, install it. If you get confused any time, just refer to the readme the installation provides.

  • Put in your No Remorse/No Regret CD.
  • Open DOS Box.
  • Type the following command (no quotations) ?mount c C:\[YOURCRUSADERDIRECTORY]?.
  • Type the following command (no quotations) ?mount [driveletter] [driveletter]:\ -t cdrom?.
  • Type (no quotations) "[CDROMDRIVE]:"
  • Type ?install? to install the game.
  • Follow the instructions.
  • Type the following command (no quotations) "C:".
  • Type the following without quotations "Crusader"or "Regret" to run the game.

Here is an example:
Mount c C:\Crusader
Mount d D:\ -t cdrom

If your game is slow, you should turn up/down the cycling (Turn up ? CTRL-F12, Turn Down ? CTRL-F11).

There's no need to do this every time to run Crusader. D-Fend is a DOSBox frontend, allowing you to make icons on the desktop, so you can just click it to start the game with your defined settings!

Note: You may need to create a folder prior to installation, or it may come up with an error message saying there's not enough hard drive space.

If you have any questions, post here.
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heh, I was about to hop in here and make a post asking how the game can be run on modern machines! I picked up No Remorse and No Regret in a preowned bin years back and had an insane amount of fun with them. Didn't know I could run them in DosBox!! :D

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Hey there! I feel so happy, you're our first member.  :)

Tell me if what I listed worked for you.
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Excellent post, thank you thank you thank you thank you! ?;D
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Congrats on the site first of all. Crusader is too good of a game just to be forgotten.

I've downloaded DOSBox and Crusader: No Regret from 'Home of the Underdogs', but when I load the game, there's no background (black screen), and any movement leaves trails behind.

Any idea whats wrong?

I have a Dell inspiron 6000,

Win XP,

1.7 gHz

512 MB RAM

60GB Hard drive

I don't have a floppy drive, so a boot disk can't be used.

Any help would be great.

Thank you,

CJ Marren
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We don't really support piracy, but I really have no idea what the problem is... It's probably because it's a pirated copy. Just buy a copy off of
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Thats cool, thanks.

I have my old copy of No Remorse, so I'll try that and see what happens.

Any way to mail Origin or EA about a new crusader game? or even start a petition?
It might surprise them if it gained enough support. Just a thought...
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I always wanted to start a petition, but I knew it was useless. In my whole eight years of being on the internet, I've met probably 20 Crusader fans... and I don't think 20 people would convince EA to make a new Crusader game.  Maybe this website will get alot of fans and then maybe we'll start one.  :)
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Well, I could kickstart things by getting as many signatures as possible on the Irish Whip Wrestling forums.... if I do, I'll let you guys know.

Hows 'No Hope' coming along?
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It's kinda going slow right now, actually. Cyberion's computer died, and he's the project lead. Be patient, it'll be worth it. :p
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Just in case anyone was having problems running No Remorse in DOSBox, ( I was!) mount both the hard drive Crusader is installed on (usually C:/) and also the CD Drive (usually D:/) and then run 'CRUSADER' from the C:/

If thats incorrect, feel free to delete it.
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Re: DOSBox 0.63 Crusader Guide

Im no good with dos box SOO.....

basically, downloaded the demo(not buying it just yet :D) how can i run it using dos box?
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The No Regret demo? I don't really know, I've never played. I'd assume to just follow my directions I made there, except change the directories and command names to what you installed it to.
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i haven't installed it too, its on the C drive(not in any other folder, just C drive so its easier) the folder is Crusader_noregret_demo and i've tried getting it to run(e.g.  Crusader_noregret_demo\crudemo or install, or setup and its not worked, i was wondering if anyone had any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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I'd do something like this:

mount c C:\crusader_noregret_demo

Then whatever the command to install is.
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Tried using the instructions in DOSBox but after selecting the destination path C:\Crusader, I get a message saying too little hard drive space. Using a 40 GB HD with only about 15 GB used. Any suggestions?