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Make sure that the C: path is mounted.

That did it! Thanks, I appreciate it...was having a blonde moment, didn't realize you could mount more than one drive at a time in DOSBox. A big thumbs up to the developer(s) of DOSBox, now I can enjoy some of those gems of yesteryear like Crusader:No Remorse/No Regret, The Elder Scrolls:Arena, etc. And a big thumbs up to you for your help!
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I don't know why anyone would want to do this, BUT, if you want to use a joystick with Crusader No Regret/No Remorse...

...apparently, my WC3 joystick patch also fixes the Crusader series.? There's a .diff file as well as a precompiled binary for Windows in this Vogons thread

I've never played any of the Crusader games myself, but I thought you might be interested.
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Hey Justice, Goku here.

You should get them.

Among the best games ever!
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I've tried DOSbox over and over and over, but it keeps getting stuck on the movies.  if I try to increase the emulator speed it locks up and the game won't run at all on ensuing tries (one of those lovely DOS overstack, can't read NULL in fileFLEX blah blah errors) so I end up having to reinstall again.

Is there some way to skip the movies altogether? I can't even tell if the game itself will run, just can't get that far.  ???

And it's from my original No Remorse CD from 1995. :)
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hmmm i think only GOKU can help you on this question. He is our DosBox expert :D
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Yeah, you can install without the movies. I believe you can open the CRUSADER.CFG file in the directory and change "FLICS=TRUE" to "FLICS=FALSE".
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Hey guys been a few days but i finally had a chance to try out dosbox on the game earlier. Took a few minutes to figure out and get used to mounting but it's easy to pick up.

I was able to mount and install crusader no remorse on my 2nd drive. Figure might as well start the story from the beginning since it's been so long anyways.

The sound test the installation does worked fine, which got me pretty excited since that's the farthest i've gotten with installing everything as I would've back then.

Game started up and looked great, little slowdown but considering I havn't been able to get it working i'd say it was a big step. During the video i x'ed out to install No Regret to make sure that was working too.

I tried loading up No Remorse once more just to make sure I was doing everything right but had an issue this time around. While it was in the process of loading up where it says "loading with full installation" after all the dots were finished going across it crashed and said:

unable to open file <null>, in file/fastflex.C, line 38.

Now mind you, after I installed it I ran it immediatly and the video was fine...intro video in the sewars had started.

Help!  ::)
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OK! forget what I said in that last post....realized what the program was.

I need to mount my dvd drive FIRST, then mount my E: drive and then go to the directory and run the game.

The game loads up fine, but there's a new problem now.

I'm guessing it's with the cycling because there definitly is some slowdown. It's like a game that you're computer can't support or playing people online with a slow connection...lagging and all that.

When they talk there's a definite echo.

I try to speed it up which seemed to help, but I kept cycling it up hoping to get the videos at a normal speed and it crashed.

Is there something i'm not doing or maybe a patch or something else? I don't know if gameplay would be like this and i'm definitly happy it's atleast loading...but this is a game that I loved watching the videos and don't want to do without them. Would there be an improvement if I had chosen small videos instead of large?

I'm getting closer! I can feel it! lol
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that's the same trouble i had. Always crashed when the flics were playing. That's why i decided to create a DEEP :D lol

I'm not sure what it can be. I guess the only way is to avoid playing the movies.
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Indeed, it's a cycling problem ! I had same problem with almost of my DOS CD games... until I discover D-Fend. You can find it in the "download" area of the DOSBox site (in "tools")... It's a frontend of DOSBox for Windows and configure games with it is easier.

I advise you all to download and test it. DOSBox must be already installed. The new version of D-Fend (compatible with DOSBox 0.65) is beta for now, but it works for me. To have D-Fend in the last version, you must install the previous version ( and replace "dfend.exe" (in the D-Fend repertory) by the new one (I advise you to backup the old file). You can find the previous version and the new executable file in the download area of the D-Fend site (
When you run D-Fend the first time, it asks you where is DOSBox... After that, you are in D-Fend. You can create profiles, one for each game.

The better solution is to configure the default settings before create new profiles. So, you can easily create profiles with some clics ! ;)

To do that, go to "Configure defaults" in the "Extra" menu.
In the "General" tab, I advise you to check the boxes for "Close DOSBox after game exit", "Start fullscreen", and "Auto lock mouse".
In the "Mounting" tab, you can mount drives. I advise you to mount a repertory for all your games (for example C:\games) as C and the CD-ROM drive as D. To mount a drive, click on "Add..." button, choose if you mount HD or CD-ROM drive, check the box "Enable Input/output control" (if you have Windows XP, 2000 or NT4) and choose the drive letter.
For other tabs, you can let them like they are ! :)

Now, you can create game profiles. I'll do it with you for Crusader : No Remorse ! ;)
Click on the "wizard hat" button to create it with the wizard. Type the "Profile Name" (Crusader : No Remorse), choose the "Game EXE" (if Crusader is installed, take crusader.exe, if not, choose the install file of the CD-ROM) and Setup EXE (if installed, install.exe in the crusader repertory, if not, just let it blank).
After that, if you have already configure defaults, just click on"accept all defaults" button. Crusader : No Remorse is now listed.
If Crusader isn't installed yet, run it to install it and, after, edit the profile (right click) to change "Game EXE" and "Setup EXE" with good files (see above).

I advise you to put the "game info" in the corresponding tab (when you edit profile). I entered that :
Genre : Action/adventure
Developer : Origin Systems
Publisher : Electronic Arts
Year : 1995

And now, to avoid cycling problems, in the "Environment" tab, type a number between 10000 and 15000 in "Cycles" (for me, with a Pentium 3 1 GHz, 14000 is good) and try the game. If you have some problems (expecially with sound), try a different number.

Good luck and good game ! :D
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UNBELIEVABLE! I did that and had no lag and man was I ever in heaven! Thank you Thank you Thank you all!

The one thing that does suck however is I can't buy you, Cyberion and Keenan a drink...although maybe a "legal" drink for Keenan  :D

I'm so excited though lol

It was funny though as soon as the game loaded up and I started playing I remembered how to go through inventory, switching weapons, etc. As if I never stopped playing.

2 things I noticed I don't think I could ever forget...1. the guy that first talks to you when you start a game, they picked the right guy cause he looks like a nut, his eyes are wide as hell!

2. This just might've been the only game that had multiple people in FMV that actually worked. Guess it had to work here or there once in a while lol

This'll keep me entertained all over again!
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Congratulations! I hope you play it over and over again more than me.

(I've beaten No Remorse over one hundred times.)
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I'm glad that it works ! It's always a great moment to play Crusader after several years of hardship ! ;)
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WOW Keenan, and I thought I enjoyed the game lol.

That is a hell of alot of times, I don't know if I could play it quite that much. Is this game modable? I don't know how many games were back then as the mod scene wasn't that big but nowadays i'm sure people have tried. Some kinda instant action mode or something would be awesome...I guess with the 2nd one once I get to it and beat it I could warp to certain levels with all the weapons and just destroy everything. I always had fun doing that and the game makes it real hard to conserve ammo sometimes.

Robo it is great to finally get to play it. Without D-fend who knows if I would've been able to. I've been playing it like crazy, whether I have 20min or an hr, it was real addicting.

Anyone know where I could dl the patches? I forgot the game had them. From what I read, the only thing the main patch fixes for the first game is some teleporter it's alright not to run it just yet because then I wouldn't be able to continue my games.

Keenan how's the game coming that your friend is pitching? Seems to be the only Crusader game that anyone's working on so I look foward to hearing more about it.

IMDB actually has full staff listing on everyone from both games, interesting to see that some of them had pretty good careers in tv/movies even if it was just as extras or such.

They actually have a pic of Marco Perella which i'm surprised at because most of them they don't...but he's had some roles in movies so that might be why.
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You can download the patches at our website.

The last I heard about the game is that EA is still thinking it over.
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Hey all!! Crusader is my favorite game, I just got the full version with the videos,
but now the graphics are messed up as shown in this pic:


How i fix it? Who knows? Please help me!
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Keenan Weaver link said:
Are you playing a legitimate copy?

Not sure, i download it from torrent users. But this copy is full, CD-rip.