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Hey mate, try to create the folder first. Let's say C:\Remorse

Also if you have d:\ as a drive for CD-ROM by default, it would be bad idea to mount it to the same drive.

try this
mount H d:\ -t cdrom

than switch to your new H drive and install from there to C:\Remorse

write here when you tried this.
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The solution worked for me, thank you very very much Keenan. You really made my day I can play my beloved Crusader again since the 90`s. I still have the original box version :) Looking for No regret on ebay now :)

Thanks again!

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I'm trying to get No Remorse running and I think i'm almost there  :)

At least I have no problems with intro/videos, sound or the Main Menu. But as soon as i'm entering the first level I can only see the "characters" on a black background, leaving trails behind when they move. I've read other peoples replies in this forum who seem to have the same problem...has anyone come up with a solution, yet?

My system:

Intel Core2Quad
nVidia 8800 GTX
Vista (could that be the problem???)
DosBox 0.72
D-Fend Reloaded

...and yes, i have the original CD from back in the 90s ;) I also applied patch 1.21 and the sound patch, but that didnt make any difference. I also tried running D-Fend in WinXP-Mode with all Designs disabled, but that's not working either.

I'd appreciate any help or tips what else i could try to get this fixed...

By the way...great forum! Although i can't play the game (yet, hopefully) it helped me a lot to at least get to the point i'm at now...
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Doubt it's vista.  I'm running the same setup as you (minus D-Fend) with 64bit vista ultimate and it works okay.  I've found the colours sometimes go funny in full screen, but switching to windowed mode fixes it.  Another thing I did was image my old disc and use the imgmount function so that I don't need to have the CD in.  You could try that and see if it helps any.
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It actually worked! Seems like it's only working when I use an iso-image... doesn't work with neither the actual cd nor with a folder containing all files from the cd, mounted as a cd drive (that's how i had it set up before posting here)

seems kind of strange to me that I can't play it using the cd, but it works when I use an image....
but nevermind, all that matters to me is that i got it to work!  :D

Thanks again
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Thanks for this thread. I recently got the old nostalgia twitch and bought this game again (I lost it at some point ten years ago). No doubt this will help me run it on my current machine, which is lightyears ahead of what I used to have XD
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Okay, I need help. I'm a DOS idiot and this thing keeps telling me that my C: drive doesn't have enough space, which is ridiculous because it has like 50 gigs. I've tried mounting C as well or whatever but I need exact directions here obviously because I've failed to get it to recognize the space available on C: about 12 times now. Help!
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So, first of all you have to create the folder to hold crusader on the C: drive.  Personally, I have made a folder c:\dos.  You can then mount that using the command mount c c:\dos
You then do the same with the CD / DVD drive using mount d d:\ -t cdrom (assuming your CD / DVD drive is d)

So, with that done you should be able to type

and it should work from there.
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I use VirtualBox (or VMWare) and DOS virtual machine. Crusader works great w/o any lug!
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I need help loading no regret on my vista machine
I've download Dosbox 0.72 already
My DVd/cd rom drive is labeled under e:
I've mount e:
When I type install I get the same error stopped at line 1024
Any ideas?
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I this error when running the game or with the installer?  I'm not around my machine at the moment but if memory serves that's the error that pops up if the game can't find your CD.  Dosbox sometimes has problems detecting DVD drives in Vista.  No idea why.  You could try making an image of your crusader CD and using the imgmount command rather as mounting the actual drive.
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Thanks for the help put I must still have something wrong.
I copy all the files from my No Regret cd and added them to a new file on my C drive named Dos.
Then I mount c:\Dos and installed the game
Install went smooth ans then prompted me for Regret and I got a new Error 279 Can not find CD
I even hooked up and old Iogmega External CDRW drive mounted that and then tried to install direct from CD but it I got same error # 279 can not find CD

Any new idea's?

thanks again for offering to help
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Hey Watchmen (or should that be Watchman?)

I don't know about ideas but I can show you what I did and hope that it solves the no CD problem.

What I did to get it to work was make an iso of the regret CD.
Step 2 was to have both Crusader and regret installed within seperate folders inside c:\crus on my computer (C:\Crus\Regret for example).
Step 3 was copy the dosbox.conf file in the DOSBox folder and name the copy regret.conf
Step 4 was to open regret.conf in notepad and put the following at then end of the file.

# Lines in this section will be run at startup.
mount c c:\crus
imgmount d c:\cdimages\regret.iso -t iso
cd regret

Step 5.  Make a shortcut with this in the target
C:\Games\DOSBox-0.72\dosbox.exe -conf regret.conf

Of course you should change the folders to reflect how you have everything saved, but the result will be a shortcut you can use to launch crusader just like any other game.  For everybody else, these steps will still apply on an XP machine as a way to make launching the game a bit faster.

Hope that helps.
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DOSBox 0.73 is out!

Most noticeable changes:

    * Support for more graphics modes and cards.
    * Improved Vista support.
    * New OPL emulation cores.
    * Sound fixes and improvements for Mac OS X.
    * Lots of compatibility fixes.
    * Lots of cdrom detection improvements.
    * Lots of memory (EMS/XMS) improvements.
    * Various fixes and enhancements for the recompiling core.
    * Support for evdev.
    * Lots of DOS fixes.
    * Slightly faster!
    * More stable.
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Hi Folks,

i played Crusader - No Remorse my first time now on DosBOX 0.73. It works fine, but then, i accomplished the third mission (the one where you have to transfer some Mech-Datas to the resistance.)
The game hangs in a black screen of death after the two videos. I have to close DOSBox over the Task-Manager.
Is anyone familiar with that problem? I have searched for a solution in this Thread but don't find one.