End of Level Problem

Do people think it's the cd that's doing it or is it the computer that's causing this problem?  What about a cd-ripped version, does that count as a test?
You can test the CD with Nero CDSpeed(a standalone free tool) using the scan disc function. Any yellow (damaged) or red (bad) dot suggests possible scratch (broken file). You can also make a ISO or simply copy the content to a directory on hard drive then mount it in DOSBox. The Crusaders don't use any copy protection method, I suppose.   
yape, the ISO or copy to a harddrive and further mount in DosBox could be a solution here. At least that way we will understand if it is CD causing the problem. If the game still be crashing than the problem is a PC, if not, well... the problem was with CD.
matias link said:
hey, i'been playing No Remorse for 2 days and i've just found out that i have the same problem, but it only happens at the end of the 3rd mission, when i step into the teleporter, i can see the 2 movies, and nothing after... I've got an AMD Athlon 64, 4200+ gforce 7300 LE, 1gb ram, also, i've downloaded another version of the game, without the movies, etc, and it dosn't work either. im using DosBox 0.70, maybe the patch will work?

Hello, my first post here!  :mask:

I have the exact same problem...

I have a new fairly new comp: AMD x2 4200+ 1900xt 2gig ram.

Playing on XP, i have crusader 1.23, dont understand how i have that tho, i never patched it(?) And DOSBOX 0.72 and D-FEND v2 BETA.

My install was not the best, had to do it several times and i did lots of stuff befor i finaly got it working. So i might have fuked something up during the install, but it seems more people have the same problem so im not sure.

Did anyonne figure this out? Is there anyway to cheat to the next mission, or to the base?
Yeah, you can warp to the next level.

When you start Crusader, use this command:

crusader -warp 4

You'll then start on the fourth mission. (You won't have all your weapons, though).
So i loose my weapons cash and shield things :/

Dont sound to good :(

I seem to recall having this error sometime before when i played, many years ago. Not sure but it seems familiar.

Any other advice?

Maybe someone have a saved game from the base befor or at lvl 4 :)
Hey, i just registered to say that i have the exact same problem. Everything works just fine, but at the end of level 3, after the 2 videos, i do just get a black screen and nothing happens :(
I've tried two different versions of Crusader, one with and one without videos, both didnt work.

I'm using Crusader v1.01 and Dosbox 0.72. Unfortunately i cant try if it works with the patch for crusader, because it kills the savegames.

Maybe if anyone has a savegame right after level 3 or in level 4? Warp to level 4 does work, but i loose all stuff and cheats give me to much stuff.
Or someone could try if my savegame works for them (and send it back after stepping into the teleporter? :D): http://aigner.legendz.de/temp/SAVEGAME.5

Thanks in advance...
I realise that this is an old topic, but I was suffering from this problem and managed to get around it. Bear in mind that it was a fairly specific route that I took, so it is unlikely to work for many people.

I started off with a downloaded version as I didn't feel like trying to find my cds which were buried in my loft somewhere. So after installing and starting the game I realised that no videos were included. As the videos are a significant part of the game, I decided to bite the bullet and find my cds. I then copied over the videos from the cd and renamed the flicpath. All seemed ok, until the end of level three where the screen would go black. I couldn't install the patch as it was already version 1.21, so I decided on a fresh install from the cd which strangely enough is version 1.23. After this I had no problems, so either the downloaded version is corrupt somehow or the game doesn't like mixing different versions of the video files.
Applying the Crusader No Remorse 1.21 patch helps I think.

Well at least that helped me , had to restart the game from beginning since older save games are not useable after patch anymore.