Hey!! fellers I found a new wave for playing Crusader!!!


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:D. Here's a list of programs can be used:
Qemu (emulator=
Virtual Box (dos Windows 95 and 98)
Parallels (Excellent)
Microsoft Virtual PC.
So sooner we would have to say so long dosbox! I guess.:):D I hope this serve as a new wave info and Idea. I am on it. I want to emulate the perfect gamer virtual pc of Crusader my project rocks!! If anyone wants to help me out I would appretiate and collaborate.
ThisIsGamer said:
Andrew-Ardito said:
So sooner we would have to say so long dosbox! I guess.

You know, I really don't see DOSBox going anywhere anytime soon...

Well that's my project itself I want to create the perfect virtual machine classic oldy to play Crusader Series, Descent Series and other classics too.:):p I had amazing fun with them. I think Dos Box is a little limited cos you can emulate a Pentium only or AMD K5. With a Sound Blaster 16. I prefer AWE64. It seems developers never got interested into that kind of projects. I need a lot of help to do this If someone wants to help me out distance to depurate and translate the code in c++. I'm using Qemu and Bochs. Also Oracle Virtual Box. Other sources are Virtual PC and Vmware. I know you are against piracy but please be considering with us Argentinians we're middle class. I know I am not racist though but piracy used by training is not bad. I buy only hardware devices I bought from vendors software such as drivers and utilities. S.O a copy from friends we share and also distant friends with p2p. Is not bad to use it.:):rolleyes:
I had to copy Crusader No Regret game cos a jackass back to highschool broke me up the original.:mad::mad::mad:. I hate those jackass who hate the game.:dodgy: