No Remorse vs No Regret

JC Denton

Ok, I'm not sure if this topic has been discussed before.. :)

* Which Crusader do you like more - No Remorse or No Regret? *

I'll go first:

After playing through both games countless of times, I came to the conclusion that I like No Regret better. While there are things that I like better in No Remorse, as a whole package, No Regret is better.

Since I can't really say what I don't like in Crusader games, I'll focus on what I do like in both games:

No Remorse:

- With all the different characters and unforgettable Rebel Base, the game feels "big" and alive;

- It really feels like you play an important role in a more complex scheme of things;

- Carrying limited number of weapons forces you to pay attention to tactics and develop your own style - you either blast your way through with explosives and energy weapons, or you go for 'duck-and-cover-precision-shooting' with BA-40/41 or you like to use automatic weapons to "hose-down" an area.

- The fact that after you finish it you know there's one more game left. :D

No Regret:

- You can perform more moves;

- Cleaner graphics with more fluid animation;

- Better flics;

- Better sound and visual effects;

- More complex and better designed levels;

All in all, No Regret looks like a more polished game and it is more action-oriented and faster-paced than No Remorse.

I love it both, but No Regret is just a lil' bit ahead. :)
Crusader No Regret is my "first love". I played it over and over again before I could get my hands on a copy of No Remorse. I cursed No Remorse at first for not having the forward roll. The enhanced controls in No Regret is one the game's biggest plus.

No Regret feels kinda short and I liked the extensive rebel base of No Remorse. The lunar camp could hardly make up for it. The levels in No Regret were a bit more challenging, but I think overall No Remorse was still a longer game.

The biggest difference in gameplay, next to the controls, is the usage of weapons. In No Remorse you are limited to five while in No Regret, you can carry them all. I like what No Remorse does as it makes you consider what you take, but eventually I always end up with the holy "trinity" (what's the word for a five thingie trinity? Quintet?, so the Holy Quintet): RP-32, AC-88, the splitting rocket thingie (AR-7?), GL-303 and the UV-9. That gives me a decent mix of anti-personnel (RP-32 for the weaker ones, the AC-88 to mow through Enforcers) and heavy stuff against MECHs or hordes of Enforcers. Sometimes I skip out the AR-7 for the PA-31 as a cheaper alternative against weaker MECHs.

So No Remorse makes you choose, but at the same time I never go for a different weapon mix. I'm not that fond of the credit system, not sure why. I liked to interact with Weasel since I liked his dialogue but I rarely bought from him.

One thing that irks me in No Regret is the mission where you have to shoot down Han Solo in his Millenium Falcon. On No Regret difficulty it's insanely hard and really comes down to a matter of luck if you ask me. A game shouldn't rely on luck that much.

All in all my vote is to No Regret. Both games have something I like over the other, in the end, the fact that No Regret was my first Crusader games, wins. Plus we finally get to kill Draygan.