Problem with game itself

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Hello, I'm having a problem with running the game. I am using DOSbox to mount the files and install and I can get it to start the game just fine, everything works, even the videos.

But when I actually start the game I get this:


This happens for about a minute and then the game crashes. Any suggestions?
I think I've seen this problem before. I can't remember if there was a solution for it. Sorry. :(

I'd try reinstalling it several times to see what happens.
Could it be that i'm running it in Vista? Other DOS games work fine.

When it crashes it says:

Halted File FILE/FILE.C, line 166
File error d:\static\shapes.flx, code=0006
Yeah, that's a classic error message. It means you haven't installed it correctly.
Any advice as to what you had to do to get it to install correctly?  I'm having the same problem, and I'm unable to figure anything out thus far.
Cyberion link said:
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Looks like a spam machine found a way in this forum  :mad:

heh, I guess i have to rewrite the security code again. :(

I don't know if it's technical possible, but perhaps you could require guest users to insert a security code before posting, you know, the method where you seen image with a code and need to enter the code. I see it a lot used for registrations on forums and guest books to combat spamming and it seems to work pretty well. But I don't know if it's possible to add this to these boards for posting as a guest. Another option would be disallowing all guest posting, but that seems a bit of harsh.
ya it's possible, but it will require me to make a lot of changes in many forum files, after which I won't be able automaticaly update portal and forums to higher versions and builds. Kind of dead end.

Hmmm... anyway i'll see what can be done, thx for idea.
Or maybe only registered users could psot comments, and every time it would require a log in with the image code thing, so you only have to change the login area. Hmm ?

btw: i slowed down, but have 4 themes working on at the same time
No, Cyb left the guestbook and Technical Support open for unregistered users so they can ask for help or sign the guestbook without registering. All other forums require registration to post. I think leaving the Tech Support open for guests is a good idea, unless the spam issue rampages out of hand and cannot be stopped in any other way.
This seems to be the only thread that gets attacked by spam. I'm going to lock it for now.
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