Dear visitors, here you can meet the development team. Meet your heroes!  8)


Author, Project Lead and PR person
Juha "Jupix" Kohvakka

Section Coordinators

Nikolay "Cyberion" Ivliev - Modeling
Heoga - Coding
Hellhound - Texturing
Juha "Jupix" Kohvakka - Mapping

CONTRIBUTORS, in no particular order

Nikolay "Cyberion" Ivliev - 3D Models, Cinematics, 2D Artist, Web Support
Stephan "Abyssary" Meister - 3D Models
Hitesh "HPRegret" Prabhakar - 3D Models
Heoga - Programming
Hellhound - Texture Artist
Keenan "Goku" Weaver - Sound Artist, Web Support
As for the sake of orginisation, I think it would be quite wise that every person that is engaged in Core Team, should be responsible for his own scope of work. It meens preparing "list of needed items", coordinating work in his domain, etc...

Later on this list could be updated with some additional positions. Like sound, music or anything else that may accure on a later stages of the project.
I'm also would like to offer Hellhound to take a position of "Project monitoring" along with Jupix. In my personal opinion, this guy is responsible enough and well orginised to help and put the things together. And most importantly it seems he has few spare minuets to contribute in this paper work :p lol. That's why I also made him a moderator of this forum section ;)
Sure I like to.
I regulary take a look into the forums and I am always happy to read good news.
So why not organzie them a bit more to keep the overview.
Sounds very good to me.

As things seem quite official by know, i think you can put in my real name in the list.

Stephan Meister, at your service  :D
After reading through the roadmap, I feel I need to point out, in the role of project lead I will be the one to put all the content together and compile it into a build. This is only to ensure the content and spirit of the mod follows my vision.