What are the controls!?



weird question really... what are the controls for this game? ive so far figured out that the arrow keys are move and space is shoot.

what is use/pick up/put down/change weapon/jump/crouch/roll etc
If you don't find the helpscreen ingame then read this:

Q-W=switch weapon (in no regret you can also use the 1-0 keys to select one)
S= select an object around the silencer, press enter to pick up/use
G=Pickup every item around you
B=Detonate bombs that lay on the ground
V=Infrared vision to see infrared lasers
M=Use a medikit
E=Use energy cell
I-O=scroll left and right through inventory
U=Use active inventory item

STRG+D=Drop actual weapon (No Remorse)
STRG+L=Drop actual weapon (No Regret)
STRG+M=Change music track (if you like to)
STRG+Arrow keys=Roll sidewards and jump (no remorse) forward roll (no regret)
SHIFT+Arrow keys= Run forward or turn around quick
ALT+Arrow keys=Little steps sidewards or forward.

I'm sure there are more but dont remember all now (I dont use all quick keys ^^ )