Logos of No Remorse

Sometime in 2011, I received two dozen CD images of No Remorse production material. With this post, we are beginning a series showcasing the treasure that is found on these discs. All contents of these discs have been preserved and will be available for your own perusal when the museum portion of the site is opened.

To begin this series, let’s take a look at early incarnations of the logo for No Remorse.

Dating from February 1995 to August 1995, the design for the No Remorse logo underwent many formations. Take a look at the whacky fonts they used! I’ve also included some tests of their logos in action on early No Remorse box art. Looking through these, I’m glad they chose the art and logo with which we’re all familiar.

Please note, most of these images have been converted over from archaic Apple Mac formats circa 1994 to modern lossless image format. Additionally, “layer” images have been excluded for this news post, but will appear in the Crusader museum.