Below you will find the soundtracks for the Crusader games. Composed mostly by Andrew Sega and Dan Gardopee, the music is a melding of electronic, techno, and rock.

At a time when video game music was mostly done through MIDI and FM synthesis, the Crusader soundtracks were a breath of fresh air for those outside the realm of the Commodore Amiga. Crusader utilized the the modular tracker format, which was a bridge between MIDI and CD audio.

The MP3 (320 CBR), OGG (q6.0), and FLAC (-8) music files have all been appropriately tagged with metadata and have a short fade-out effect. They also come with high resolution album art compiled from actual Crusader art assets. The Asylum Music Format (AMF) files are a direct rip from the game discs and have not been altered. You can play these files with a tracker program like OpenMPT or a media player like foobar2000.

Not included in these packages are the pieces of music composed for the game cutscenes. These are actively being pursued for digital archiving.

Crusader: No Remorse

MP3175 MBMP3
The TravelerMain MenuMENU.AMFAndrew Sega1:45MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
Dimension 2012Mission 1M01.AMFAndrew Sega5:46MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
MilitaryMission 2M02.AMFDan Gardopee4:24MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
HypnoticMission 3M03.AMFAndrew Sega3:09MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
End GameMission 4M04.AMFAndrew Sega2:34MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
ScienceMission 5M05.AMFDan Gardopee5:22MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
CreditsMission 6M06.AMFDan Gardopee3:58MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
?Mission 7M07.AMFTodd Parsons / Kirk Winterrowd2:22MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
Misc. 4Mission 8M08.AMFDan Gardopee4:23MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
PrisonMission 9M09.AMFDan Gardopee3:35MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
Science StationMission 10M10.AMFAndrew Sega3:20MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
Misc. 2Mission 11M11.AMFDan Gardopee3:44MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
?Mission 12M12.AMFTodd Parsons / Kirk Winterrowd2:46MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
Misc. 5Mission 13M13.AMFDan Gardopee5:26MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
Misc. 1Mission 14M14.AMFDan Gardopee3:04MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
SpaceMission 15M15.AMFDan Gardopee5:07MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
Rebel Base 2Rebel BaseM16A.AMFAndrew Sega3:04MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
?Rebel BaseM16B.AMFAndrew Sega1:30MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
Rebel BaseRebel BaseM16C.AMFAndrew Sega3:14MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
CreditsCreditsCRED.AMFAndrew Sega2:49MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
Buy MeDemoBUYME.AMFAndrew Sega1:21MP3 OGG FLAC AMF

Crusader: No Regret

MP3246 MBMP3
Main Menu RemixMain MenuREGRET.AMFAndrew Sega4:36MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
Ninth CrusadeMission 1NINTH.AMFAndrew Sega3:13MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
Misc. 12Mission 1SPACE.AMFDan Gardopee6:00MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
?Mission 2 / Rebel BasePHIL.AMFAndrew Sega3:04MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
?Mission 3STRAIGHT.AMFDan Gardopee5:30MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
Bleep 2Mission 3RHYTHM.AMFAndrew Sega3:43MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
Misc. 6Mission 4PARTY.AMFDan Gardopee5:00MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
?Mission 4TECHNO.AMFDan Gardopee5:30MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
End 4 (Extended Mutation)Mission 5DEMO.AMFAndrew Sega4:13MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
Darkened FantasiesMission 5RETRO.AMFAndrew Sega3:35MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
StintMission 6STINT.AMFAndrew Sega4:52MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
?Mission 7MK.AMFAndrew Sega3:25MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
HypnoticMission 7M03.AMFAndrew Sega3:09MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
?Mission 8SPACE2.AMFDan Gardopee5:14MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
Dimension 2012Mission 8M01.AMFAndrew Sega5:46MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
D3Mission 9D3.AMFAndrew Sega3:50MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
?Mission 9INTENT.AMFDan Gardopee5:46MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
Misc. 12Mission 10SPACE.AMFDan Gardopee6:00MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
Misc. 5Mission 10M13.AMFDan Gardopee5:26MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
?Mission 10METAL.AMFAndrew Sega2:59MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
?Mission 10MK.AMFAndrew Sega3:25MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
Misc. 5Mission 10M13.AMFDan Gardopee5:26MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
Credits MusicCreditsCRED.AMFAndrew Sega2:49MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
?BonusDARK.AMFTodd Parsons2:15MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
Carnage and MayhemBonusSILVER.AMFAndrew Sega3:56MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
?BonusTHIRD.AMFTodd Parsons1:55MP3 OGG FLAC AMF
Xmas TuneBonusXMAS.AMFAndrew Sega2:21MP3 OGG FLAC AMF


There have been other musical creations by Crusader fans as well as those on the original development team. You will find these below.

Crusader “The Traveler” remix (2006) (4MB, MP3, mirror) — From 2005-2007, a Crusader game was in development for the PSP by Outsider Development. This is the theme song as remixed by the song’s original composer, Andrew Sega.

“Dimension 2012 (Necros Remix)” (6MB, MP3, mirror) — An outstanding take on “Dimension 2012” by PayneMusic.

“Dimension 2013” (14MB, MP3) — NU Music