3D Models

ok bro, here is the model


everything is new there. 2 models, 2 new bounding box to reflect geometry more precisely and new texture. Yes... fence textured now hehehe ;) So overwrite everything to be on the same side.

Actually in the future if there is an update to the model, overwrite every file with a new one from the archive.
Ok, here's a small status report.

The model for the rotating alarm light is finished and i'm on the texture.

I am also working on the model for a lightsource we can put on the ceiling.

And if i have time this week i'm gonna start on the RP-32 so Jupix has some weapon to play with :)
Even though it isn't in the original game... Can you guys include the BA-40 or BA-41? I think it would be great. :p

Or maybe it can wait for the No Remorse adaptation.  :)
OK teleporter redone and retextured ;)



I also managed to solve our "too big objects" issues. Used a simple 183cm model of a human to scale to the proper sizes. Now every object should look exactly right.

I'll be using that Human-Silencer model to have needed scale reference material in order to model proper sized objects for the mod.

If you haven't already, check out this guide:

Took a while to get it to compile properly - but lessons learned.



Well, I think it's close enough for now, meaning I can't come up with any suggestions for improvement in its shape :)

However, the texture could use some lighting up, it's almost pitch black, whereas the original has a kind of a blue tint to it. Pretty close to the combine blue metal, actually, just smoother and warmer.

By the way, I'd prefer to have the raw files so that I can make quick modifications to filenames and animations (for example), so if you could provide those, that'd be great.

But apart from those things, very good stuff. Thanks a lot for the effort :)
Well it was a weekend job, I'll put a little more work into and try get the texture better on the next shot.

Raw files, got it.
sorry for such a stupid delay. But here is finaly model of Wall Pylon converted into SMD


Just in case if you didn't get it previously, here is the pack with scaffolding, wall, teleporter and teleporter_fence models, which I posted 2 weeks ago, but not sure if I provided the link to it (I think I did it in chat, but to be on a safe side I post them again heheeh). All models in this pack are reworked new versions. Sorry some troubles with memory after the drugs they give me.  :D

Thanks Cyb, just imported the pylon and it looks great. Had to scale it again to 0.985, weird. (And it's going to need a concave collision model, otherwise people aren't going to be able to shoot through the free space on it).

Oh and yes, you did send me those other models. :)
Ok. Just to make sure that i'm still alive here's the weapon i'm working on.
The texture still needs some work, but i think it's geting decent.
Now i'll have to figure out how to convert that to a viewmodel  :)