A big hello to the community


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Hello there!

I am a huge Crusader fan.

The last few days, I played Crusader: No Remorse again and even after all those years this game is still simply awesome.
I've always found it a pity (or rather a shame) that no sequel to Crusader: No Regret was released . However, I am very glad that I found this site!
I took a look at the Half-life2: Regret mod and I really like what I'm seeing. Nice screenshots! Keep up the good work!

By the way, what's your favourite character in the Crusader universe (besides the Captain, of course)? I really like the vicious (but somehow cute) Major Joanne Vargas  8)

Greetings to all fellow crusader players,


:silencer: (Like those smileys :)
Welcome! I hope you have fun here.  :)

My favorite character is easily Wizard. He's your best friend throughout No Remorse and really the only character who's there for you.
hey there and welcome to the home of all Crusader Fans! ;)

For me the best character in this game is WEC Guard. Or should I say Guards. They are just so cool looking and they never end. They die for WEC, they are cool ;)
Hey Paladin... and welcome to Echo Sector :) Glad to see new people joining.. And glad to see you're excited about Regret too :)

Favourite character? Well.. Probably the senators... Because they're the important villains, of course. :)