A Crusader Game with Lineage 2 enviroment and atmosphere but not epic???

Hi all, loong time I have been on several proyects, check in you tube I'm Queenmaniac2008 there If you want to watch some of my stuff, as a game player I have been playing several months and last year entirely, some friends introduced me to this great saga ever made Lineage 2, an epic roller game with different perspectives of camera and epic armory. And I started to think about a Crusader game like this, and all my friends told me would be awesome, What do you think? We can discuss it here. The changes would be epic weapons by futuristic weapons shown in Crusader series. I think it's the greatest solution to the Crusader problem!, You would be able to see the silencer from different perspective with the mouse. And have a huge inventory weapons, also custom made Rifles and different armory. Different colour helms and defence from other weapons. Also you would be able to attack other users, do pvp combats with weapons also. In chase of Clan attacks or foundation would be better use the terms of Armies or Troops foundation and make Team vs Team events, playing it online!!!. Wouldn't be cool? a game like that??? a dream???