A great find


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I just picked up a still-shrinkwrapped of No Regret -- very chuffed about it! It's the gold box Classics release, not the original, but still, I'm quite happy.
Well, I made a Photobucket account just for this... the shrinkwrap is naturally scratched up from its age, but that doesn't really come through in the pictures.


Nice catch!

And a bit off topic, but instead of using photobucket or imageshack or crap that like, why not check out Dropbox? I got it for that purpose and I love it. It's completely free: https://www.dropbox.com/
It will absolutely stay shrinkwrapped! Doing anything else just wouldn't be right. This is one of the hardest-to-find items in my collection.

Thanks for the Dropbox recommendation, I will check it out.
Just wait 'til you guys see what I acquired for my collection. It's the biggest Crusader find in six years.

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