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Well, a simple idea, no idea how simple it is to achieve.

In No Remorse, when interacting with items and such you get a subtle beep.

In No Regret however you get this angry game show buzzer noise.

Does anyone have any idea how hard it would be to overwrite the No Regret sound file with the No Remorse one.
Well, there's a crusnd.exe program on the original No Regret CD. You can use it to extract any sound effect from the game's sound file as a WAV. Then, theoretically, you should be able to use the same program to insert the WAV into the sound file. Never tried this myself, though. Hope this helps. :)
I just checked, and unfortunately the program wasn't shipped with No Remorse. I can upload it for you somewhere if you wish.

It was a quick upload :)

Btw, keep in mind this is a DOS program, so you'll need a DOSBox or an equivalent to run it.
Thanks JC,

Looks like it works for both games, so thats a plus. The main thing is the big 'ole list of sound files you have to trawl through on a dos screen, so for my sanity I made this (for anyone playing at home).

I'll probably do one for Remorse soon, so I can compare.


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Well, I found my trouble maker, the file called NOTCLOSE.

I went into remorse and the alternate file is of course named the same thing, so I extracted it and moved it over to my Regret folders. Upon trying to insert it however it gives me an 'Unable to load NOTCLOSE.WAV.' error.

Edit: Hah! figured it out, had to run the -list function before inserting it. Ran the game and now I have No Regret with No Remorse bleeps instead of angry buzzer.
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cool man! :) I was thinking for a long time about making Crusader sound mod and to make certain weapon sounds beefier or finally replace the glass shattering sound effect that actually sounds like someone is breaking a flower pot. xD
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